Is an Australian Thanksgiving a Fair Dinkum idea?

Australians often roll their eyes at the things Americans do. To many of us, their customs can range from kitch to kwaint to kweer. Think of their parades and proms. Their totally unrealistic, puritan expectations of their politicians. Their Christian zeal is often too hypocritical. Their heart-on-the-sleeve emotional openness contrasts to their xenophobic attitudes that sees only […]

The Secret Australian Product that’s Creating Growth & Prosperity

I discovered a long time ago that busting my back in a job for a boss who didn’t appreciate me was never going to give me the lifestyle I wanted. And the stress of working for myself in a traditional business was going to kill me if I didn’t find a better solution. Think about […]

Please read this, watch the video and sign the petition

To my fellow Australians, The Stand For Freedom campaign is ready to spread like wildfire and we need your support to challenge the extension of the NT Intervention for 10 more years under the Stronger Futures legislation. Please send this email out widely to your networks. We have just heard that the legislation, despite intense community and civil […]

An interview about wild foods, nutrition and future developments

I was kindly invited to be interviewed by national Australian radio personality, Margaret Throsby on ABC Classic FM recently. The segment was well received and many listeners wanted to learn more about LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials™) – although I couldn’t mention it by name on public radio and the many benefits it delivers and why […]

Selling from the Shelves

How do smaller retailers get to their customers when the cost of advertising is prohibitive? And then there’s the truism; “Half of my advertising is worthwhile but I don’t know which half.” We have managed to establish distribution of our Skews® which are my innovative herb and spice range delivered as infused wooden skewers. These are […]

Food, health and wealth

Kakadu InspirationI read life coach, Philip Humbert’s Tips newsletter when I can and noticed this quote: “Creating a great life is not hard — living with frustration is “hard.” Creating a perfect life may involve some investment or learning new habits, but living well is not nearly as hard as living with problems!” You’d have to […]

Herbal-Active® – natural preservation for cosmetics

We get a huge number of inquiries from cosmetic manufacturers looking to replace parabens, benzoates, GSE and other chemical or non-natural preservatives with natural and even organic shelf life extenders. Luckily, Herbal-Active® can do just this although there is a method of use which is (just) a little more complex than throwing in a chemical and […]

MasterChef goes Wild

Yet another Series of Masterchef begins and to celebrate, Vic Cherikoff Foods Services would like to offer all viewers a 10% discount voucher to use in our on-line store. Already we have seen Wattleseed™ and Lemon myrtle sprinkle appear on one contestant’s ingredient list with great results; their Wattleseed and avocado mousse looked simply mouth watering and […]

Extended shelf life, reduced waste for fresh produce

Hospitality Directory has given me some air with a product review on Herbal-Active®. My natural antimicrobial is ideal for berries, cherries, stone fruits and melons; vegetables such as zucchini and cucumbers and even tomatoes which can harbour molds which can then contaminate tomato sauces and pastes made from un-dipped tomatoes. It’s also good for chicken, meats, seafood and […]

Fresh Produce – making it better and safer

We all rely on fresh produce so who wouldn’t want to extend its shelf life, reduce wastage, improve food safety and quality and save money? The fresh produce market has long been based on a simple model of grow, harvest, pack and deliver (with a few tweaks in cold chain management). However, in order to improve […]

HSN Cooks! Gourmet Grilling on the Home Shopping Network, USA

“HSN Cooks!” – so went the PR. “The Event is a 14-hour programming special on March 2 featuring tips, tools and advice provided in a fun and informative fashion from some of HSN’s top celebrity chefs. These culinary experts will present a vast array of quality kitchen and food products ranging from Todd English’s GreenPan cookware […]

Functional foods, forests and fools

There is a great deal happening in the food, health and nutraceutical industries with some first mover advantage going to strategic, forward-thinking companies. I hope that our products rank amongst them and you’ll find the range in our online store. I can assure you that you will feel better eating produce which still has wild vigour. Every […]

An environmental view on the Xmas season

Have you ever considered the consequences of your choice in the foods you eat? Beef production is a sequence of land clearing, water harvesting, fencing, weed and erosion control, chemical drenches, waterway pollution and oil dependent animal husbandry and meat production. Compare this to the far more passive utilization of kangaroos for meat. The animals live […]

Positions Vacant – are you the one?

I am currently looking for an Operations / Business Development Manager to work at our Kingsgrove warehouse in Sydney. The successful manager will be someone who has confidence in their abilities and likes to be rewarded for achieving planned outcomes. Duties will be to grow three divisions of the business: • retail sales through our on-line store, […]

The seemingly impossible is possible

I just discovered a presentation which I wanted to share with anyone interested (such is the opportunity from blogging). It is a speech by Hans Rosling at a TED conference in 2006. See this site for more on TED. My only criticism is that our goal, as the species at the top of the food chain, should […]

Some updates from a busy month of May

Doesn’t time fly? Is it getting faster or am I just imagining it? Half of 2007 is just about gone and we are looking down the barrel at Xmas. Anyway. May was a really busy time and I didn’t have time to blog about all the developments. Luckily, colleague and Australian chef, Benjamin Christie did. Check out […]

Chili peppers, wattleseed and ancient cultures

Here’s something indirectly related to Australian food which amazes me. I often refer to the creation of a unique Australian food style using the food resources of Australian Aborigines as a modern trend of using the newest ingredients from the oldest living culture on Earth. However, most of the world, including the majority of Australians fail […]

Energy without Calories – Rainforest Mist

I have been told that there is nothing like my new product on the market. Nothing legal anyway. Rainforest Mist by Vic Cherikoff is a totally new, natural functional lifestyle product designed to remind you that you are alive! Just like taking a deep breath in a pristine rainforest, your senses will burst to life. Using […]

10 Reasons to get your Australian ingredients Online

1. Cherikoff Rare Spices MD, Vic Cherikoff, is widely acknowledged as the pioneer of the native Australian food industry and so the products available are developed from this wealth of experience. His scientific work on the food resources as well as his local and international experience in demonstrating and cooking with the ingredients combine to […]

Unnatural Acts at The Natural Products Expo

I just clocked another few weeks in the USA with presentations to retailers, wholesalers and a few manufacturers in New York before heading over to the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, Ca. There is huge interest in all things Australian and quality products will always grab attention and hold it for repeat purchases. However, it […]

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