Everyone Wants Change But Not TO Change

What plans are you making for 2023 with the hindsight you gathered this past year?

We all want change so that we feel we are progressing in life and moving away from challenging or unpleasant circumstances. We do need to remain aware that just a step or two away from unwanted conditions is often enough for us to feel better.

Only Change is Changeless


In my experience, this only resets a new kind of normal and its better to work the problem and get the best long term result. No point sticking a band-aid on an arterial bleed.

For example, I have mentioned my own situation with De Quervain's tenosynovitis and pain at the base of both my thumbs due to the inflammation of tendons and the narrowing of the sheaths through which they pass into the wrist.

You may know that inflammation is an immune response so we can't just stop the pain and not address the deeper problems.

If I avoid using my thumbs for hard gripping, repetitive twisting or even high pressure on the thumbs, I don't feel any pain. But with any intense mechanical work, it not only hurts a great deal but the pain lingers and can remain at a level which can even make falling and staying asleep difficult.

If I follow my own advice and take 2 capsules daily of Karuah Activated Turmeric™ and the maintenance serving of LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials)™ for its broad range of phytonutrients, I can handle using my hands for light and even medium work and avoid significant pain. However, un-doing really tight bottle caps and lids, unscrewing stiff nuts on bolts or intensely using my hands doing otherwise normal things and the tendons react by swelling and making their presence felt in no uncertain terms.

Doubling the dose of KAT to 2 capsules and of LIFE (making it 2 x 5g) at each end of the day and the pain goes away and even hard hand work becomes normal again.

It occurred to me that driving my use of our four Health Boosters (as in the Holy Grail to Health collection) was the simple solution to significant change, not just reducing a few symptoms for a short time. My aim was TO change and totally avoid future symptoms by stopping the progression of the condition itself.

This reminds me that most health issues, including tenosynovitis, arise due to long term, undetected events leading to the time when symptoms begin to appear.

A high intake of calcium from dairy foods, tahini, silverbeet, kale, sweet potato, nut milks fortified with calcium or unnecessary, synthetic supplements will lead to calcium deposits in our soft tissues over time.

How many people do you know or have you recently read about, who have suffered or even died from a heart attack or a stroke?

How many people do you know who have had kidney stones, gall stones, prostate or breast cancer or been diagnosed with mental disease such as Alzheimers or dementia?

How many people do you know who suffer from osteoporosis and yet take their doctor's advice and swallow synthetic vitamin D and calcium only to see the osteoporosis rage on. This has been shown to be particularly true for smokers.

All of the above are often caused by the slow accumulation of calcium into our soft tissues. They are all modern conditions with increasing prevalence over the last 50 years. If you want more reading material on the evils of calcium over-dosing, just email me. I have a collection of science-based, peer-reviewed, academic articles on the topic.

To drive some of the calcium gelatinized by Karuah ChancaPlus™ from our soft tissues and into our blood and redirect it into our teeth and bones, I also take a half a scoop of Karuah Active Magnesium™ morning and night. Remember that Mg is essential to activate vitamin D to get calcium into our bones where vitamin K2 has its role to play in activating the calcium and incorporating it into the bone protein matrix.

And back to the graphic at the top of this page:

We all want change.

Better health. A longer, vibrant, productive lifespan. More opportunities to change. Better financial situation. More significance or recognition for our efforts. More security from the uncertainties of the future. The list goes on ...

However, are we all willing TO change?

To reduce world population. Reduce our individual impact on ecosystems around us. Vote for politicians who represent change (even though most don't know how to handle the mining, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries which are so resistant to change). Reduce our demand for domestic meats or other unsustainable meats. Reduce our use of products which are damaging the planet (eg palm oil, fossil fuels, synthetic chemicals).

Or on a more personal level, to change means to appreciate that for a doctor, a disease is only defined by a set of specific symptoms. A drug and then be found, often as a cocktail of related drugs, to address the most obvious symptoms. There is no thought of cure as the disease will remain due to the same nutritional intake of modern foods, ultra-process or fresh fruits and vegetables, it makes little difference. Lifestyle elements eg exercise, sleep, stress management, life purpose motivation, also rarely change.

This is a reductionist paradigm. One disease, one way of suppressing a few symptoms. 

It is like taking one or two steps away from the uncomfortable or even lethal situation and is often sufficient to feel like we have changed without significantly doing anything TO change.

The Holy Grail to Health and driving our servings to match our activities as well as addressing whole system biochemistry processes is the wholistic approach.

It also avoids undesirable effects.

No drugs are routinely screened for deleterious action on our mitochondria. This is difficult to do due to their number ,spread and the many important roles they play. Being semi-autonomous organelles in our cells, our mitochondria can adapt their function to the needs of the respective organs they inhabit. For example, mitochondria can program their function to magnesium dependent energy supply or to the metabolism of various cells and organs.

Major chronic diseases are characterized by disrupted mitochondrial function. Cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome, neurodegenerative diseases, immune system disorders and cancer are all examples.

The Holy Grail to Health delivers highly nutritive wild food enhanced products that go deep when you drive them.

We all want change so that we feel we are progressing in life and moving away from challenging or unpleasant circumstances and towards better times.

We should also recognize that we are not victims of circumstances but of the choices we make.

Holy Grail to Health
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