Wild foods are rich sources of phytonutrients which might be from the chemical defense system of plants or compounds which we (or our gut bugs) make from them as we digest the defense chemicals turning them into nutrients.

Phytonutrients are a lot like tiny super-heroes that end up in our gut, blood and organs and are protective, healing and otherwise beneficial to us.

With the public health problems in Australia and around the world right now, super-heroes are perfect for a strong immune system.

Here's a video on just what these super-heroes do for us: 

The good news is that LIFE is a rich source of wild foods that are known for their phytonutrient content. We are in the process of compiling the academic research done on specific phytonutrients so that we can clarify food:health relationships and then say that 

Phytonutrients in wild foods:

  • reduce feelings of hunger/carbohydrate cravings; provide easier weight management
  • contribute to the maintenance of blood glucose levels
  • support intestinal and digestive health and regularity
  • support, promote and assist immune health and immunity (immune function and modulation); reduce the incidence of colds, their progression and severity/regulate immune response
  • for sustained energy for physical and mental performance through cellular mitochondrial maintenance and formation and circulatory support and maintenance/ reduce red blood cell adhesion/inflammation
  • maintenance of normal physical and cognitive function/ brain health
  • contribute to cellular/mitochondrial protection against free radicals
  • contribute to healthy mood/support wellbeing/vitality; help the body cope with stress
  • support strength, stamina/endurance and recovery
  • contribute to the maintenance of blood glucose levels
  • support microbiome health/function; positive gut-brain axis

We will be shouting this from the rooftops early in 2021 but start now because a good lifespan relies on a strong healthspan.

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