The Past, Present and Future

We humans are probably the only animals which recognize the above 3 stages in our lifetime.

It could be considered a linear scale where our past experiences, learnings, skills and culture determine our present and then together they influence a relatively predictable future.

We tend to hang onto our past and many of us dwell there so much that we give it meaning and depth even though neuroscientists tell us that memories are reformed each time we recall them, recount and replace them in our prefrontal cortex - the brain’s long term memory vault.

However, there is a concept emerging which changes the linear progression to an exponential one where the curve bends up and up until it goes nearly vertical and the life goals you set are realized faster and faster and more effectively than if we struggle with incremental, linear steps.

Evidence exists that redefining our future self, directly influences our present and our past. A planned future will change the present AND the past.

You may know that athletes are coached to imagine themselves achieving their physical goals, imagine themselves in action, in competition either against their own past efforts or against an imagined opposing athlete or team. Athletes working on thinking of their future selves have been found to gain as much benefit in physical skills and winning performances, as athletes who spent time working out physically.

If we set BHAGs (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals) as future outcomes and we mentally create the self-image of ourselves having achieved these goals, then only time becomes the variable. And we can even set deadlines for the process.

Goal Setting is step 1

Our new vision of ourselves as strong, super-healthy, bulletproof against the diseases of nutrition and with minds that are confident, sharp and focused is irrefutable. Our future selves will find the ways to achieve our BHAGs as we define our most wanted outcomes.

This means a great deal for everything we can imagine.

A quote from Albert Einstein: “Imagination is better than knowledge.”

What self-image do you want in regards to your healthspan and lifespan, your quality of lifestyle and the purpose and successes that give your life meaning?

Who wouldn’t want to be healthier, happier, smarter, richer or more loving?

As Viktor Frankl, a psychiatrist and survivor of 4 Nazi concentration camps, writes in his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, we humans do not survive unless we have goals, hope and purpose as our primary motivational force in life.

So, the first step is to zoom in and focus on the person you would like to become.

Is super-nutrition a major goal or are supermarket chemicals and crushed rocks and passed off as vitamins and minerals good enough?

Is some supermarket food not worth the money it costs if your healthspan and lifespan are important to you?

How do we fortify our existing diet with whole foods rich in phytonutrients and embrace PhytoMedicine 3.0?

Where do you need help in reaching your health goals?

The self-image you currently hold plays a critical role in the success you will achieve in your life, as well as your mindset, the level of happiness you feel, and your overall sense of well-being.


A strong heart and robust plumbing (healthy cardiovascular system) to help you work or play hard at any age

Crisp cognition for expanded awareness, heightened sensory input, enhanced learning through focus and concentration, thinking and experiences

Regulated inflammation is one of the keys to healthy aging, from our cellular mitochondria to our entire biology

A bulletproof constitution with heightened immunity, fast cellular repair and sustained energy for life.

And we underpin all the above with:

Boosted Nutrition with our phytonutrient intake as a response to our bodily needs and our future self-image as fit, strong, flexible and embracing an energized, youthful vitality.

One point to appreciate is that when we imagine audacious goals for our future self, we may not know the actual steps to achieve all our outcomes. If we did know in the present, why would we not have them already?

By going big – health, healed, hammer-hard and humble (loving the alliteration here) – our future self-image engages our subconscious mind reducing the need to know every step to our outcomes.

We lay the final outcome as an ideal image for self-image and then take step 2:


Once you've established the goals propelling you towards your ideal self, it's crucial to embed your new self-image deep within your subconscious.

Setting goals and achieving them serves to imprint the essence of your new self-image onto our psyche essentially creating a future memory of ourselves.

When you engage in visualization, your brain responds much like it would in a real-life scenario. For instance, if you aspire to boost your health and longevity, you can mentally see yourself living in an ideal physical and mental state, active, flexible and energetic in mind and body. You exude confidence and strength and focus on how it feels.

What are others saying to you about how you present your new self?

With consistent practice, your self-image will become your new reality. Your future will be your present and you will have changed your past to include the experiences of achieving your new self.

Final thoughts

My mission, my vision is seeing more people just like you, who introduce themselves to my future self, describing how they embraced the discoveries that I and other scientists have made over PhytoMedicine 3.0.

I hear you telling me how far you have come in reaching the state and finding the confidence from the enhanced healthspan and lifespan of your future self.

I see evidence gathering daily that my offering earns its collective name of the Holy grail to Health.

This is like blue-printing or re-engineering a racing car to its best possible condition of tuning for performance and durability. Healthspan hacking for racing cars.

I feel this healthspan boost every day myself.

My resistance bands and bar are part of my daily exercise routine along with my high resistance rowing machine. I love using these as they make such a difference to my energy, flexibility and strength.

I heal quickly from the usual surface injuries of life – the cuts, scrapes and knocks over time.

I avoid any illnesses going around - evidence that my immunity is strong.

I feel a little younger every day as I remind myself that I used to feel joint pain in hands and knees. I used to wonder at the lethargy I felt when I went days or weeks without exercising.

Number 18 in my Health Talk series does a deep dive into the products to which I am so committed.

I strongly recommend the Holy Grail to Health™ as the keys to growing, living, ageing and enhancing our healthspan and lifespan. Check it out now:

Holy Grail to Health
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