Health Talk with Vic Cherikoff

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I wanted to provide the content as a resource for anyone who missed an issue and rather than search your inbox, which if it is anything like mine, gets cluttered with spam, various newsletters and emails I want to keep. Perhaps this list can make it easier should you wish to remind yourself of the topics covered.

  • Health Talk #1 with Vic Cherikoff
  • Health Talk #2 with Vic Cherikoff – What’s this thing called Health?
  • Health Talk #3 The Magic Of Our Mitochondria
  • Health Talk #4 The Holy Trinity to Health
  • Health Talk #5 Are you a Health Hero. It’s Transformational.
  • Health Talk #6 What does it really take to get and stay healthy?
  • Health Talk #7 Everything You Know About ‘Healthy Food’ Is Wrong
  • Health Talk #8 Live free from the diseases of nutrition
  • Health Talk #9 – Better Health in 2023 – No Risk Guarantee
  • Health Talk #10 – Everyone Wants Change But Not TO Change
  • Health Talk #11- Let’s Compare Apples with Apples
  • Health Talk #12 Compare this to the discovery of penicillin
  • Health Talk #13 Checking In and Staying Ahead of the Curve
  • Health Talk #14 Unlock the Power of this Essential Mineral
  • Health Talk #15 Unshackling the Chains of Your Frankenstein Mind
  • Health Talk #16 Look What They've Done to my Brain, Ma
  • Health Talk #17 Polly wants a cracker (not a swag of drugs please)