You know how the Interweb makes it easier to compare products, prices, services and results we can expect from stuff we order online?

This email is to clarify what you get when you weigh up the Holy Grail to Health components against what might initially appear to be similar products. However, there is a real difference in the relative value each of them deliver.

Decisions are easier when we can compare our options

I'll start with our flagship product which is LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials)™ and can easily be called a Phytonutrient Booster.

In the above graphic, I am comparing LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials)™ as a rich source of phytonutrients with 3 other so-called healthy options:
  1. Synthetic chemical multi-vitamins, minerals and other nutraceuticals
  2. Fresh fruits and vegetables that are eaten as they come or cooked at home in healthy recipes
  3. Food fragments eg extracts and single or simple mixtures of so-called superfoods as supplements eg Kakadu plum powder
My comparison is based on 4 criteria:
  1. Is the option a significant source of a wide range of phytonutrients?
  2. Is it natural and a whole food preparation and does it include wild foods for their richness of nutrition?
  3. Are the causes of poor health a target or are only symptoms being treated?
  4. Is the option of value, in terms of supporting our mitochondrial health?
  5. Is the option supported by peer-reviewed academic research which backs up a food:health relationship?
It is pretty obvious that LIFE wins outright on all of the criteria and I could have added a host of other data points such as nutritional complexity, antioxidant capacity, evolutionary relevance, weight loss support, carbohydrate cravings control and so on.

My point is that LIFE is unique with its content of 27 ingredients, each chosen for a specific contribution and therapeutically relevant even at our 5g maintenance serving. Please note that this serving can be increased to 2 x 5g a day or even up to 5g every 6 hours for weeks at a time.

LIFE is a functional food and so we can't over do our consumption. Remember that Indigenous Australians would eat whatever ripe fruits they found while foraging and by way of example, it was not uncommon for children to each gobble a kg of Kakadu plum fruits in a day, only spitting out the cherry-sizes pits. Interestingly, 1kg of plums would be 550g of plum flesh and at say, 3% vitamin C, the children could be getting more than 16g of the vitamin. If they had this as synthetic ascorbic acid, most of them would have some or several of a whole raft of reactions including:

Nausea and vomiting
Abdominal pain and cramps
Insomnia (sleeping disorder)
Kidney stones
Hair loss
Epistaxis (bleeding through the nose)
Menstrual abnormalities
Weight loss
Altered mental status
Muscle pain and weakness
Bone fractures
Drying of the mucus membranes
Bleeding per rectum

None of these are a concern from LIFE. However, elevated servings are warranted when times are highly stressful or if dealing with a serious illness and need all the protection and support possible. Remember, traditionally living cultures throughout pre-history in Australia, Africa and the Americas had extremely rare to no incidences of cancer, nor any Metabolic Syndrome conditions, mental diseases nor most of the diseases of nutrition.

Admittedly, we now live in a toxic world, we run on cortisol and adrenalin, our nutrition is compromised in terms of the quality and range of available foods as is our sleep and our commitment to daily exercise.

I am happy to answer your questions (email me and include your phone number) over any concerns or specific conditions you may have and while I cannot provide medical advice, I am able to share the experience of others based on my many decades of work on wild foods.

Stay tuned for the next riveting episode of Health Talk when I'll compare another component of the Holy Grail to Health to it's nearest competitor products.
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