Kakadu Inspiration

I read life coach, Philip Humbert’s Tips newsletter when I can and noticed this quote: “Creating a great life is not hard — living with frustration is “hard.” Creating a perfect life may involve some investment or learning new habits, but living well is not nearly as hard as living with problems!”

You’d have to agree. Yet so many people eat what they think is healthy food having been convinced of its worth (see my previous blog on this). Other people gobble high fat and sugar foods in an unthinking response to their instinctive taste drives. Little thought goes into realizing that the few foods we can buy each year from supermarkets, green grocers and other providores are bred more for the distribution chains to get them onto the shelves 12 months of the year than for our peak nutrition.

Additionally, the 40 to 50 odd foods we can access annually from supermarkets, grocers and specialty stores is dwarfed by the 650 different foods that hunter-gatherers of Northern Australia (as just one cultural example) had for their sustenance allowing Australian Aborigines to become the world’s longest living culture on the planet today.

Similarly, Aborigines refined hunting and gathering their nutrient dense foods so they were generally time-rich which permitted an indulgence in art, story-telling, dance, community and ties to Country with its cultural and festive obligations.

Perhaps a crucial step in creating a great life starts with copying traditional Aborigines and improving our nutrition with wild foods and then building community to share in this health bounty. The wealth-creation system that until recently, was behind Kakadu Complex and might just be the investment and learning which result in living well. There’s a new variant of this network marketing company in the wings so please subscribe to my newsletter if you want to stay in the loop.

I’m not saying that money will buy you a great life but as is said: “Don’t overlook the money part of it. I’ve been poor and I’ve been rich. Rich is better.”

Think of how much more influence you can have to do great things once earning money is no longer a concern.

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