I have been told that there is nothing like my new product on the market. Nothing legal anyway. Rainforest Mist by Vic Cherikoff is a totally new, natural functional lifestyle product designed to remind you that you are alive!

Just like taking a deep breath in a pristine rainforest, your senses will burst to life. Using ancient Aboriginal plant lore and modern science, I have infused Australian rainforest herb and fruit extracts into pure ice crystal water to create a natural face mist you inhale and that goes way beyond refreshing.

Rainforest Mist by Vic Cherikoff is predicted to spread around the world driven by the demands of our modern lifestyles because;

• if you ever need to work hard or for long hours
• if you just feel like you haven’t had a decent sleep for way too long
• if you travel long distances by air, road, rail or foot
• if you need to attain maximum effort in studying, physical activity or just life or
• if you occasionally lack sleep but still need to look your best

then you are reading about your new best friend: Rainforest Mist.

Perfect for hard-working chefs (or their brigades to get them working harder); apprentice chefs who need to learn heaps in a short time; restaurant patrons who just need to stay awake after a long day at work; business people; mothers; food writers on a deadline; in fact, anyone at some time will need this product.

After two and a half decades researching the herbal pharmacopoeia of the Australian Aborigines and studying the food and medicine resources of many Aboriginal communities around the country^1^, this product is the result.

It is at the pinnacle of combining ancient medicinal lore with the research findings of modern science and uses the superfoods of rainforest Aborigines who once lived along the eastern seaboard of Australia.

Even the water I have used is different. Ice crystal water comes from fruit juice made using a patented ice crystal extraction technology. There is no biologically purer, natural water. Ground water supplies around the world are being depleted from over-use and global warming with an immeasurable ecological cost and their quality becomes more questionable from pollution and contamination. For this reason, I have chosen to use an environmentally innocuous source for my water: I rely on living trees to purify and filter the water applied in clean and green plantations used for growing stands of edible fruit trees.

The fruits are harvested and processed into juice, which is chilled to near freezing in huge stainless steel columns. Ice is then introduced as a slurry of crystals and as these tiny ‘icebergs’
float up through the column of fruit juice, they grow by drawing pure water from the juice. This is the ultimate in ice crystal water which saves our precious ground water supplies for the plants and animals which depend on it. Finally, I chose nitrogen, which makes up 80% of the air we breathe, as an inert, non-toxic, non-oxidizing, non-flammable, ozone and environmentally friendly propellant.

Rainforest Mist is simple to use, immediately effective, more convenient (and better for you) than an energy drink or strong coffee and is calorie-free.

Australian wild fruit and native herb extracts are organically grown or wild crafted in ecologically sustainable systems. The final blend of these ancient food ingredients reflects the food-medicine blend of indigenous resources and their powerful functionality, both nutritional and pharmacological – as nutriceuticals.

This combination of traditional knowledge, ethnobotany and pharmacology, has delivered a brand new style of product with ancient roots yet is modern, stylish, functional and affordable. It has already been praised by hard-working chefs and jet-setting travelers. However, the list of happy, dedicated users will no doubt grow quickly to include athletes and sports people, highway drivers^2^, dedicated students and even the elderly looking to stay mentally young and active.

I hope that like others, you will discover that Rainforest Mist is a perfect fit to your lifestyle in this modern age and that you use it whenever you need to revive from travel fatigue; heavy work commitments; general tiredness; slow mornings or late nights; or just whenever you need to quickly refresh and be at your best. Pure and natural, Rainforest Mist provides that extra kick without the calories.

It has been 40,000 years in the making. It’ll be in the on-line store next week and I look forward to your feedback on how it fits your lifestyle.

1. A portion of profits from Rainforest Mist benefits remote region Aboriginal communities and provides opportunities in their commercialisation of Australian natural resources.
2. Remember, authorities recommend that when driving long distances you should ‘stop, revive and survive’ every two hours.

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