We all rely on fresh produce so who wouldn’t want to extend its shelf life, reduce wastage, improve food safety and quality and save money?

The fresh produce market has long been based on a simple model of grow, harvest, pack and deliver (with a few tweaks in cold chain management). However, in order to improve the yields from each of these areas, chemicals have been introduced as fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, repellents, ripening retardants, sterilizers and more.

In the face of this, the organic and natural market has reacted as sensitization, allergies, intolerances and ailments have emerged as reaction problems to our food supply.

Now a natural solution is here to really deliver 4 significant benefits for industry and consumers alike.

Herbal-Active® is a freshly fragrant, pale green powder which contains a naturally derived mixture of essential oils from common culinary herbs. A simple solution of Herbal-Active® in water and using this as a dip will safely and effectively work as a powerful antimicrobial, removing the moulds which accelerate the spoilage of food and also kill the food pathogens which can make us sick.

Looking back through history it was the Spice Trade which created many of the world’s business trading hubs and which brought New World ingredients back to the Old World economies. The reason was only partially for taste because herbs and spices also had a preservative action and with refrigeration not yet available, the aromatics in these new ingredients helped add days or more to the meats of game animals which were hunted on the estates of the landed gentry. As fermented beverages were developed and beer became a whole food of the working class, it was recognized that hops and hop extracts were able to preserve beer for multiple months rather than days for unhopped beers.

And back in the villages of the new agrarians and the campsites of tribespeople and clans of hunter-gatherers, herbs and spices had already been used for eons and these people were keenly aware of the physiological benefits of these ancient functional foods.

Now to the present day and it seems not a month goes by without a product recall, widespread illness, costs to the economy and discomfort or even worse for those afflicted from food poisonings from spinach, salads, turkey, beef, chicken, fish, oysters and prepared foods. Many more occurrences go unreported.
Now the answer is simple.

Herbal-Active® is the ancient cure for modern ills. Any greens, fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood can be easily dipped and given an extended shelf life as moulds and bacteria are killed. Without these, fruits such as strawberries, cherries, raspberries and other soft fleshed berries; even melons, pineapples, mango and other cut fruit for fruit salads; vegetables such as zucchini, cucumbers, cut squash and pumpkins and so on, can last up to weeks longer, remaining good to eat for all this time. Wastage is reduced and the sell period improved.

Then the other major benefit is that food pathogens, the organisms responsible for the food poisoning outbreaks, are destroyed making the food as pure as it should be.

Commercial volumes of Herbal-Active® for growers, wholesalers and retailers are now available with consumer packs available online

For enquiries or media information, please email: functionals @ cherikoff.net.

Herbal-Active™ is a trade mark of Cherikoff Global and is licensed to Cherikoff Bioactives, a division of Vic Cherikoff Food Services Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia.

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