Most of us are challenged in getting and staying healthy every day.

Scientific studies are beginning to prove that we need more than a few vitamins, a smattering of minerals, 22 essential amino acids, some good fats and not too much food to get us healthy.

Studies are also proving that we need whole food sources of these nutrients and not synthetic nor inorganic chemicals in pills or potions.

However, a diet rich in whole-food phytonutrients needs to be consumed daily and as an on-going strategy. Healthy foods are not like medications which treat symptoms and do little for a permanent cure. Fortunately, healthy foods also do not have complications of undesirable (side) effects.

Clearly, the medical industry is a business and a patient cured is a customer lost. This means if more components are mixed as proprietary cocktails they deliver more profits over time.

The bad news is that now agriculture has joined the business model.

Our factory farmed foods and even the plant selections grown organically or in home gardens are not nutritionally rich enough to have any hope of making us feel better, get healthy, look younger or age more slowly.

Modern produce is low in fibre and depleted in the phytonutrients that are associated with this fibre. Whole classes of antioxidants, for example, have been bred out of our fruits by accident rather than design. Organic acids are all but gone (notice how quickly lemons spoil these days) and bad sugars (sucrose and fructose) are in high concentrations.

Our fruits and even the vegetables we see on offer, tend to be sweeter, more juicy and bigger than they were 50 years ago. Our farmed animal meats are higher in saturated fats and even wild caught seafood comes loaded with nano-plastics.

This makes our foods nutritionally dilute, high in empty calories and expensive (in terms of money, effort and the environment) to produce. This really is the 'food' equivalent to the tools of the pharmaceutical industry mentioned above.

In comparison, wild foods and particularly Australian wild foods are particularly rich sources of phytonutrients and as with traditional cultures in Africa and the Americas, Indigenous Australians lived free of the conditions of metabolic syndrome (cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and gout), ischaemic heart disease, cancer and mental diseases.

They also out-lived Europeans at the time of the invasion of Australia living up to two and a half times as long, in good health and with encyclopedic memories stretching into old age.

The good news is that Australian wild foods are now more accessible and a wide range of whole foods are available as an easy top up to our daily diet.  The Holy Grail to Health is a science-based nutritional boost which delivers the phytonutrient sources we need and which expands the critically limited number of (nutritionally compromised) fruits and vegetables we have available today.

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