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Here's a great article on longevity and living an awesome life by Eric Barker from Barking Up the Wrong Tree. He has an amazing turn of phrase and his metaphors are well worth stealing.

I agree with his information although would like to clarify his reinforcing the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Read more on why in this issue of Health Talk:

What's Next?

OK. (Thinking to myself) ...

So I bought the Holy Grail to Health pack because I know that we only really measure the value of things, people and life in general, when they are gone. I value my health highly so I invest in improving and keeping it.

Now, how do I get the best health benefits from the Grail?
The value we get from each component and the recommendations of use to address the above are as follows:
LIFE – is a rich source of antioxidants, adaptogens, active minerals, enzymes, anti-inflammatories and more. It is our flagship product and it is so good, I could rave on and on about it. If you haven't seen the video yet, check out this site:

Karuah Activated Turmeric – supports LIFE with heightened anti-inflammatory action plus more antioxidants and immune boosting effects. Recent work has also suggested that rogue cell growths may be addressed with actives in turmeric which reduce the stickiness of foreign cell masses.

Karuah ChancaPlus – to address the unwanted calcium deposits in our soft tissues and which is at the core of the diseases of nutrition.

Karuah Active Magnesium – Mg (and other trace mineral) deficiencies appear to affict most of us these days. Mg supports mitochondrial energy production and distribution and has around 800 other biochemical roles including over 325 of which cannot proceed at ideal rates without Mg as a co-factor.
Suggested serves of my functional foods for the 1st month are as follows:
LIFE – a heaped teaspoonful daily or if stressed or otherwise challenged, make it morning and night for a few days

KAT – 2 capsules daily or double it to 2 capsules morning and night if pain persists

KCP – 6 capsules morning and night for 3 days, drop back to 2 a day and a week later repeat the protocol. After a month, drop back to 2 capsules a day and repeat the 6 capsules twice a day every month or so.

KAM – 1 scoop daily is sufficient for Mg, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn and Se. We also get some vitamin D from the activated mushrooms and some contribution to tissue protection from the seed oils in KAM.
To make the KAM easy to remember to take, I do one of 2 things:

1. I pour about 40 – 50ml of water (sparkling or still or even apple juice if you wish) into a glass, add the scoop and KAM and the tsp of LIFE and mix well. Drink down. Wash glass with more liquid and repeat until the powders are washed out or alternatively, what I now do daily ...

2. I add a generous scoop of Dairy-free and No Added calcium coconut yogurt (eg Cocobella Natural) to a bowl. Add the scoop of KAM and the heaped teaspoonful of LIFE, stir well and enjoy. Sometimes I might drizzle in a tiny amount of a Manuka or wild bee honey (sugarbag) or I'll add a tablespoonful of one of my wild fruit confits.

A personal note or two: 

Another thing that I have found with my own challenge of tenosynovitis (inflammation of the fluid-filled synovium within the tendon sheath) in my thumbs, is to use a vibrating massager such as a Theragun or equivalent over the area. This helps to physically stimulate the afflicted tissues and even work calcium deposits that are gelatinized by the ChancaPlus.

And you may have read about my inherited uric acid elimination problem which I have had in hand and not had any of those excruciatingly painful episodes for many years now. Read more here and also here if you wish.

And a testimonial that I was sent recently:

"A number of years ago I received a call from the nursing home that looked after my elderly parents. The caller said that there was a nasty new strain of flu around that year and they were seeking permission from family to give the residents the new flu vaccine, which was supposed to target the new strain of the flu. I asked what the difference was between the new vaccine and the old one. The staff member said “I have both here with me; I will just check the ingredients”. After a short time, she came back and said “actually I can’t see any difference at all” Being very suspicious of vaccines already I said “no I don’t want them to have the flu vaccine, just make sure they continue to get their Kalari Crush every day, I want to keep their immunity levels up.”

A few weeks later I received a call from the nursing home, the same person was on the phone. She said that we could not visit as the home was in lockdown and the flu was through the entire place, residents and staff. I asked how my parents were, and I was told they were the only ones who didn’t have the flu. They took Kalari Crush and then LIFE which replaced the prepared drink, every day they were in the nursing home and over those years they never once got the flu. I have taken Vic Cherikoff’s products myself for many years with similar results. These products are literally life changing and life-saving."

Nerilie Humphries

Thanks heaps Nerilie. I really appreciate your story and am glad that I was able to help your parents and you too..

Holy Grail to Health
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