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Have you seen our Karuah Activated Turmeric™ in the store as yet? It is a complementary product to the Holy Trinity to Health - I like to think of it as the 4th Musketeer. Together, they synergistically take aim at metaflammation which is now regarded as the underlying cause of most of our ill-health and why we are ageing so quickly.

You might ask why we encapsulate this product but there are a few valuable nutritionals which can't be added to our LIFE blend due to their taste and nature. Some whole foods are certainly worth consuming but we need far more than what we would ingest in a meal.

Google cardiovascular disease in India where turmeric is a daily food ingredient for many locals and one of turmeric's benefits is in heart health support. Yet in India, the incidence of cardiovascular diseases are pretty much the same as in other countries where turmeric is not so commonly consumed. However, turmeric, in combination with a few other spices (for better absorption and activity) is part of their Ayervedic apothecary.

The science behind our Karuah Activated Turmeric™ supports our view that our finished product is the most powerful, potent and effective blend of ingredients all contributing to the many functions that are attributed to turmeric in different parts of the world. Additionally, as a whole food blend the end results are so much better than the sum of the parts.

The organic turmeric we use has a naturally high curcumin content of not less than 8%. Supermarket turmeric can have a curcumin level down as low as 0.5% which makes Karuah Activated Turmeric™ up to 16 times more potentially potent even before we improve the absorption, range of actions and synergism (amplified effects) from the combination with our other ingredients.

Other turmeric preparations promoted as 95% curcumin (which is just one of 3 actives in functional turmeric) include the chemical extract of curcumin. Studies on the leftover spice after the curcumin is extracted showed that the 'residue' had the same functionality even after the curcumin was removed. This is more proof that Big Pharma is always looking for the means to extract, purify and patent or trade mark food fragments as products.

Our approach is to find the best wild foods available and offer these in combination with other, complementary, functional whole foods.

Karuah Activated Turmeric™ is a functional food and we can say that it may assist with a wide range of issues including a healthy inflammatory response. This may be support of our joints; brain; liver; cardiovascular system; as well as skin health and appearance; and can even assist in how our body handles fat. It is also a source of antioxidants and may slow our rate of ageing.

We add freeze-dried (lyophilized) Kakadu and Illawarra plums which incidentally, give the brand we use its name (Karuah means wild plums). These two wild foods are the ideal partners for highly-active turmeric as joint support components and for their powerful anti-metaflammation actions. Two wild herbs, mountain pepper and anise myrtle as well as black pepper for its piperine are also part of the mix.

Then we look to a source of live enzymes which are known to reduce plague buildup in blood vessels and lymphatics and therefore offer cardiovascular support. Pineapple core is added to our mix for its enzyme, bromelain.

But wait. There’s more, as they say. (Sorry, no steak knives or the block of flats or Tasmania - or am I showing my age on this comment?)

Another star ingredient is MSM which is a natural source of sulphur for the body and our MSM comes from liquified lignin or fibre from an American pine. Sulphur in the third most common element in the body (calcium is the most common) and is essential for many biochemical reactions, structural components and the health of our organs and systems. If you want healthy skin, strong nails and hair and good immunity along with a raft of other characteristics normally associated with our youth.

Lastly, this powerhouse of potent and powerful ingredients are delivered in a slow release, vegetable gelatin capsule so that they get to where they are meant to without any loss from the digestive processes in the stomach.

Karuah Activated Turmeric™ is a totally unique formula and could possibly be the most powerful and effective turmeric preparation in the world right now.

Imagine the benefits you could start feeling within even a few days particularly if you are already taking LIFE.

These are the tip of the healing iceberg:

  • - healthy inflammatory response
  • - joint support and flexibility
  • - beyond joints – brain, liver, heart and blood vessel support
  • - skin health support – plasticity, appearance, youthfulness
  • - weight maintenance
  • - slowing our rate of ageing

For more information on the benefits of turmeric (even without all of our functional enhancements) download our information pack below:

Karuah Activated Turmeric

Karuah Activated Turmeric

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