I am grateful for your interest in our products. I do appreciate the competition for your attention and that even a commitment to a healthy diet and lifestyle does not always deliver the results you expect.

Live Free from the
Diseases of Nutrition

(You'll find a list of them here)

Firstly, may I say thanks for your trust, feedback and support

The research that I and others have done and continue to do on the health and healing qualities of wild foods is all well and good. We now have mounting scientific evidence that plants have natural compounds they use to protect themselves against UV irradiation, attack from pathogens and to help them repair their cells and tissues following physical damage eg from insects or animals grazing.

We also know that the range of these compounds in Australian indigenous plants are different to those in foreign species and are of significant benefit to us today, as they have been to Indigenous Australians for millennia. 

We also know that it is important that all foods are better when they are as close to wild as possible due to the falling nutritional quality of our agricultured produce and which often gets further compromised by processing.

However, all this, comes back to you as a user of our health product range.

Whether you are focused on our activated turmeric formulation or on LIFE or if you have been using the Holy Grail to Health and all 4 of our products, you are proof of the superior healing properties of natural, whole foods compounded in a multi-component but targeted, wild food enhanced product.

I really appreciate your feedback such as the following testimonials:

Results after a few days

(from a coded testimonial by QZR88 from Ballarat in Victoria)

I watched Vic present on TVSN years back and always wanted to try his products, although admittedly never got around to it. I came down with COVID19 a few weeks back and knew I needed a nutritional boost to help fight the brain fog and build the immune system. Kalari Crush came to mind which led me to

Long story short and not related to my initial reason for purchasing the product - I have a relatively severe case of ADHD which affects my mood, concentration and I never feel relaxed (I'm always tense). I wasn't affiliating the product with the relief of these symptoms in any way, but a few days after taking the product twice daily, I noticed that I had an aura of calm and my mood felt better, I could make much better eye contact with people and I felt less tense and more relaxed. 

My eyesight was sharper and I haven't felt the need for a morning or afternoon coffee. 

I usually take medication twice a day for my condition but since starting
LIFE have forewent the afternoon dose due to not actually needing it.

The product does not advertise any medical claims but I do feel that it is reducing symptoms of a condition that is worsened due to lack of nutrition. Wish I found this product much sooner. Thanks Vic.


LIFE has been the best thing

for Simone B who has been grappling with symptoms of Lyme's disease and the early stages of MS.

I have been managing a difficult physical condition for some years now, and
LIFE has been the best thing that I have found. Taken regularly, and in combination with other basics (healthy diet, adequate rest and minimal stress) I am vastly improved.  


Hip pain prior to surgery

from Martin J.

Prior to my hip replacement operation, I was in debilitating pain. Vic suggested I take 2 x
Karuah Activated Turmeric capsules twice a day. I was skeptical at first, given that the doctor had told me my hip should be thrown out, but with a month before surgery I was more than delighted to give a natural product a go before resorting to hard-core pain killers. I noticed an improvement almost immediately and continued with the capsules up until the operation. My thanks to Vic and I hope by sharing this testimonial others will benefit from this product, as I did. 

The above snapshots of results ( and countless others) given to me are really appreciated. 

And there is more to these testimonials than might be immediately apparent.

Here is a table of how Australians end their lives:

Cause of Death in Australia by age group

Notice the appearance of the orange, yellow and blue blocks with age?

You may have read my comments in previous newsletters that traditionally living cultures in Australia, Africa and the Americas had "extremely low" incidences of these conditions and retained encyclopaedic memories well into their 70s and 80s as Elders.

Wild foods protected them as they are rich sources of phytonutrients and are low in bad sugars and agricultural chemicals (and now nano-plastics).

An acquaintance of mine complains that her husband seems to have stopped talking unless really pushed and then only says a few words (or a grunt or two). Research suggests that this could be early stage Alzheimer's disease. If this was my partner I would be giving her all 4 components of the Holy Grail to Health - LIFE, KAM, KCP and KAT every day at least and sometimes twice a day each day for a week on then a week at the normal serve size.

Components in these products support, promote, assist and contribute to normal cognitive function and brain health. They also support our brain's glial cells and maintain brain architecture and function.

Once we reach 40 years of age, the conditions that ultimately kill us have calcium deposits in our soft tissues as a core common factor. Along with the calcium deposits, a dietary magnesium deficiency further complicates our aim of better health.

This simple mineral pair seems to play an inverse role in a host of cardiovascular events, rogue cell growths, mental diseases and more. Too much calcium appears to precipitate the development of chronic diseases and makes the lack of sufficient magnesium add to the problems.

The same products I just listed above are highly recommended as the major elements of a sensible health plan.

LIFE™ is the primary elixir, the genie in the bottle, the keys to the kingdom. This phytonutrient-rich, wild food blend plus other selected superfoods addresses Hidden Hunger like nothing else can.

Karuah ChancaPlus™ aims at the calcium overload and taken with our active magnesium, puts most of the calcium back into our teeth and bones.

Karuah Active Magnesium™ - this whole food, highly bioavailable source of magnesium gets over 800 enzymes to do their thing. Mg also moves our energy molecule around to where it is needed and goes about helping us avoid disturbances in nearly every organ in our body, every biochemical process and every cell we have. Want to go down a rabbit hole? Here's a bit of light reading as an academic review of magnesium deficiency. I have high-lighted the information so you don't drown in biochemistry jargon.

Add last but not least, Karuah Activated Turmeric™ targets metaflammation since this is a consequence of early stage disease development too. What makes KAT so different is that we include Kakadu and Illawarra plum, an organic form of sulphur and Acacia resin ( anti-rogue cell) and is also a key ingredient in LIFE.

Doug Brignole, vale

I recently read about a world-class body-builder, Doug Brignole and his death at just 63 years of age.

https://aussiesuperfoods.com/product/life-superfood-blend-with-phytonutrient-rich-wild-foods-150g-sachet-1-month/While the cause has not been made public, we can imagine that his level of fitness and specialized diet would be considered by most, as healthy. He was lean, muscled and both, his physical energy and testosterone levels were high.

My prediction is that he relied on protein powders which are mostly based on milk whey isolates rich in casein. This permanently binds particular antioxidants removing their contribution to our better health. Next would be his calcium intake and at a high level from dietary and probably the chemical supplements consumed, his heart and arteries and even blood vessels in his brain were probably so calcified that heart attack or stroke were the primary reasons for his passing.

We have one time around. Make your life count and live long. With the simple addition of LIFE, KAM, KCP and KAT, we can cheat the system of factory farmed and ultra-processed food, prescriptive drugs, poor medical advice and out-dated nutritional science.

What will you do with your added years in good health and with a strong mind and body and living disease free because we can?

I'd love to hear your story so please email me if you want to share.

And again, may I ask a favour of you please?

My passion is helping people to live their best life and the only way to do this is to be as healthy as humanly possible.

A lot of people who I meet or with whom I connect online are equally passionate about avoiding the perils of growing old badly.

We know there is a time imperative because the undercurrent of diseases moves relentlessly forward with the passing years.

The longer we wait to act and protect our lives, the tougher it gets to jump onto the energetic, vibrant, healthy green line (remember the diagram?) and off the red DRIFT line to becoming old and frail.

But here's where you can help your friends and acquaintances, colleagues and contacts and help us too.

We depend upon WOMBAT marketing which stands for Word Of Mouth, Buy And Tell.

If you are a devotee of all or any of the Holy Grail to Health range, I need your referrals in order to help more people.

Would it be OK if you refer me to any of your contacts - family, friends, friends of friends and acquaintances?

I am happy to answer emailed questions that might arise as to the specific needs of others who could become Health Heroes too as they begin their journey to better a more vibrant life.

Alternatively, join our affiliate program at our aussiesuperfoods website and spread the word through emails, social comments or even a website if you have one.

Thanks for your help on this. Please feel free to pass on your copy of 33 Myths of Health, Nutrition and Weight Loss to your contacts

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