Clearing Blocked Arteries - High Tech or a Natural Approach?

Clearing Blocked Arteries – High Tech, High Risk and High Costs or a Simple Natural Approach?

Here’s an interesting article which is an insight into the absurdity of some medical treatments. The same could apply to treatments for rogue cell outgrowths too.

See the story here:

A summary: Lasers are one of the tools physicians can lean on to tackle plaque buildup on arterial walls, but current approaches carry a risk of complications and can be limited in their effectiveness. By bringing ultrasound into the mix, scientists at the University of Kansas have demonstrated a new take on this treatment that relies on exploding microbubbles to destroy plaque with greater safety and efficiency.

Artery model

Artist’s model of plaque in an artery. Depositphotos

My response (what are your thoughts?)

This is mind-bogglingly ridiculous even though the technology might be better than existing methods such as balloons and stents to unblock a thickening artery.

When you look at the options, it is clearly just another money grab for the medical ‘industry’. It is not a solution, just a billable reason to get potential heart attack candidates onto the operating table and relieve their bank accounts of any financial buildup.

A far better way is to fix your diet (you probably already know the grind on this but read on for the finer details).

1. Calcium

It is critical to reduce your intake of high calcium foods (Google for a list) and more importantly, use a good herbal preparation to gelatinize existing calcium deposits in soft tissues. Karuah ChancaPlus™ works for arterial plugs (calcium cholesterol plaques). As a bonus, it also clears calcium deposits in joints, organs (traditionally used against kidney stones), lymph ducts and more.

Calcium seems to be the culprit for many of the diseases of nutrition and calcium calculi are a precursor laying the ground for future rogue cell problems.

2. Anti-inflammatories, Antioxidants, Adaptogens and more

Next, a preparation to support and help clear blood vessels and to rebuild capillaries and larger vessels. LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials)™ is my offering for this. Check out this site for more on this.

LIFE is also a rich source of anti-inflammatories since the build up of plaque depends on the stickiness of the plaque and the inner walls of blood vessels. Reduce the stickiness and even circulating rogue cells can’t attach, grow and metastasize causing more problems.

3. Magnesium as an All-important Mineral

Lastly, a whole food source of magnesium (Mg) is needed as vascular support needs energy and our cellular fuel (ATP) can’t leave the mitochondria (the powerhouse organelles inside our cells) unless the ATP is ‘carried’ on magnesium. Additionally, Mg activates vitamin D to push calcium into teeth and bones (where other phytonutrients are needed to incorporate this absorbed calcium into the bone matrix adding to skeletal strength. (Don’t you hate it when BigPharma only tell you half the story, or less, just to sell their crappy products?)

Karuah Active Magnesium™ is the third product of mine in the The Holy Trinity to Health. It not only delivers Mg in a form we need but in a way that can then be used in around 600 different reactions in our body and to also act as an accelerator in over 325 enzymatic processes. We need Mg daily and our foods are poor in it these days. We can also forget the tablets etc as the mineral is less than 25% absorbed from these scantly active magnesium salts.

More on all of the above at The Holy Trinity to Health

The Simple, Natural Way to Clear Blood Vessels

Add the above to a diet focused on a reduced calcium intake, low saturated fat consumption and avoiding ultra-processed foods. Also get some exercise (preferably work your way up to 3 or 4 minutes rowing or cycling flat out as high intensity training). The 4th Musketeer, as it were, can also be tacked on. This is our Karuah Activated Turmeric™ and this can aid with the anti-inflammatory effect.

This routine will cost you a whole lot less than the high-tech laser-ultrasound zapping and pose far less risk. You might see your doctor driving a less expensive car but tell him about the above regimen and that it should help any depression they might feel. ;>))

Vic Cherikoff