There is a great deal happening in the food, health and nutraceutical industries with some first mover advantage going to strategic, forward-thinking companies.

I hope that our products rank amongst them and you’ll find the range in our online store. I can assure you that you will feel better eating produce which still has wild vigour. Every product I have closely scrutinized since my analyzes confirming the vitamin C level in the Kakadu plum as record holding, has revealed startling value in our herbs, spices, fruits, nuts and more. Just give LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials)™ a trial run for a month and see what  you notice as health improvements. It might be more energy, better cognitive function (awareness, focus, concentration), improved digestion or any number of other effects.

On a related topic, I for one, can’t tolerate the pundits ranting about the rising Aussie dollar making us uncompetitive in the global economy. What it takes are more innovative, clever companies embracing a “Blue Ocean Strategy (Google this term if you are curious) to turn our exports into new products, new ideas and new sales. A key principle of BOS is to make the competition irrelevant and I am proud to have played a pivotal role in fostering the creation of new endeavours, new products and new companies as we offer native Australian foods and ingredients to global markets.

Antioxidants, treatments for diseases such as senile dementia, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, obesity, gout and many others are here now. Sure, many are disappearing as we develop more pristine lands or over-graze drought affected farmland keeping alive ill-adapted stock while we cull wild game protein on the hop.

Meanwhile our lunatic politicians pat themselves on the back for letting still other fools poison native animals before irreparably obliterating ecosystems in our Tasmanian forests. There’s a whole Blue Ocean Industry in harvesting understorey species for their antioxidants, anti-arthritics and other high return phytochemicals for the food, beverage, health and other industrial applications. This is the real opportunity cost of logging in Tasmania. The action is the worst decision since the Franklin dam and robs us of our future. I will not provide a link to the story that prompted this rant. It is too depressing.

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