How do smaller retailers get to their customers when the cost of advertising is prohibitive? And then there’s the truism; “Half of my advertising is worthwhile but I don’t know which half.”

We have managed to establish distribution of our Skews® which are my innovative herb and spice range delivered as infused wooden skewers. These are available in IGA supermarkets, Harris Farm outlets and the better quality butcheries and specialty ingredient stores. However, the challenge was how to communicate the innovation of this new flavour delivery system at store level.

Unlike conventional seasonings and sauces, Skews® are no fat, no sugar, no salt and also leave no goo from burnt herbs or charred sauces. They also avoid the fattening combination of sugar and oils which come from sauces as nutritionally, this elevates our level of insulin which then increases our storage of body fat. This is a primary cause of rising obesity rates in Australia (and globally).

Skews® impart a delicious, clean flavour of the particular variants which include chilli, garlic, rosemary, Thai basil, smoke, lime, pepper and coconut. Another innovation is that the flavours are heat activated and only begin to infuse into the protein “when the meat hits the heat”. This is important because pre-loading the Skews® before cooking could impart too strong a flavour but it is possible to pre-load your choice of protein and flavour even days prior to cooking without flavour migration.

Additionally, Skews® are not just for kebab-style cooking or for BBQing prawns or scallops. They can be used on whole roasts (red and white meats), whole fish, even in stews or when cooking rice (anyone for coconut and lime rice or garlic couscous?).
So how is all this versatility communicated in the Information Age where we each get assailed daily with more than 30,000 messages?

Skews® are self-advertising. Walk past the shelf display and simply use your smartphone to scan the QR code. Don’t have the App? Download itfrom here using your smartphone and you will be able to unlock the information hidden in this cryptic glyph. Alternatively, just go straight to the video (as given on the shelf wobbler for the Skews®) and the short visual covers the basics of seriously expanding your culinary repertoire with our healthy spice kit.

Get the application specific to your mobile phone or simply key in the URL into your phone’s web browser and watch the video in store.

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