Its been a while since my last communication and I thank those of you who enquired about the silence. My life has been very busy (so grateful for the benefits that I get from LIFE and its partner products) and I have been helping a few who called asking for more details on specific concerns and if my Holy Grail to Health range can help.

My Goal: To Reach a Ripe Old Age
in Ideal Health

May I start out by saying,
thank you for your business
and for your feedback

Its been a while since my last communication and I thank those of you who enquired about the silence. My life has been very busy (so grateful for the benefits that I get from LIFE and its partner products) and I have been helping a few who called asking for more details on specific concerns and if my Holy Grail to Health range can help.

The enquiries have covered concerns with MS (Multiple Sclerosis), ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), liver cirrhosis, heart attack risk, general health, weight loss and ageing too fast. I resolved their issues or had a few people start on my range so watch this space for more. If you have your own concerns, please do not hesitate to email or call me too.

It is apparent that some people are beginning to question conventional health care and Medicine 1.0 and it is only right for us to examine all our options.

There are two types of health care professionals;

  1. those who practice their craft yet ignore the failing nutritional quality of modern foods and the impact of the diseases of nutrition from our impoverished diet. They rely on medications as a way to minimize the symptoms of constant fatique, poor immunity, mental over-whelm, sore joints, weight gain, rapid ageing and the consequences of the diseases of nutrition. They believe the advice of government dietitians that the Food Pyramid is not a nutritional scam but the basis of a healthy diet, or
  2. those who have discovered that the road to recovery for their clients, who are health challenged, can be accelerated using the food resources of the world’s longest living culture along with a considered selection of the more healthy conventional foods that are not too damaging over time
Wild and near-wild foods which are rich in phytonutrients, provide benefits that are superior to modern pharmaceuticals. This is why focusing on them as part of a nutritious diet is now labelled as PhytoMedicine 3.0.

Phytonutrients, in the right combinations and consumed every day;

  • can achieve the same symptom reduction of popular medicines while lacking extraneous and undesirable (side) effects
  • come bundled with synergistic components which often cure the conditions, not just treat some symptoms
  • fix and heal; protect and prevent; and fortify and improve; our own health and that of our microbiome
Anyway. Here is another issue of Health Talk and I plan to follow it up with another in a week or so.

In the interim, may you live a rich, rewarding, purposeful, inspiring and long life in the very best of health.

Have you embraced the John Wick Effect?

If you don't know who John Wick is, then maybe you are not a fan of the senseless violence of American neo-noir action movies but millions of fans appreciated the movie about a retired hitman, John Wick, who was unstoppable because of his focus, commitment and sheer will.

The mayhem he unleashed was all completely plausible and justified to us fans since he was forced out of retirement to payback the criminals who killed his dog and stole his car when he was grieving his wife's recent death from cancer.

We also need the 'John Wick Effect' of focus, commitment and sheer will in our response to the food industry who have killed the nutritional quality of our food and left us suffering from the Diseases of Nutrition. We live our lives as we do our days, working insane hours to primarily fund feckless politicians and big business who are just like the criminals and drug lords in the John Wick fables.

Collectively, they have stolen our access to food worth eating compromising any possibility of an extended healthspan and lifespan. They have also bled us with rising prices and falling living standards via imposed inflation while they promote over-population and unsustainable growth just to reduce the political impact of printing money and bad economic management.

Australia's natural ecologies had been micro-managed by Indigenous clans of over 600 language groups and dialects, people who had learnt the rules from 60,000 years of surviving and thriving within the bounds of the carrying capacity of their 'Country'. Pre-invasion and mass cultural disruption by Europeans, the whole continent was megadiverse by global standards. Now we have massive over-population, growth-driven pressures and no imperative to put our ecologies first.

Now, in order to win back just some of what pre-agricultural societies had in terms of healthy foods, extended communities and resilient ecosystems, we need to muster our own John Wick focus, commitment and sheer will.

Environmental grouops and motivated individuals are putting the squeeze on Big Oil and Coal and are pushing their fossil fuel agendas over sustainable energy and clean power options. Big Pharma is scrambling to pivot and build their market to keep making expensive urine from synthetic chemicals for 'personalized nutrition' (sic) and polypharmacy.

So how do we use our focus, commitment and sheer will to apply the John Wick Effect to our own situations from personal frustrations and gchallenges to helping to mitigate the Climate Catastrophe?

I urge you to watch a video by Prof Andrew Huberman or even the series that follow on from that link. Life-changing information and some tools to adopt.

An important part of his approach is to address our nutritional status and health. While I do not support his pill-popping ideas using synthetic chemicals as neural supplements, he often recommends whole foods as basic too. You might hear of his self-confessed inability to cook and there is the fact that he has no knowledge of the superiority of wild foods as incomparable phytonutrient sources.

  • Focus on your health and longevity and live your life purpose
  • Commit to embracing wild and near-wild foods as the means to live long and well and recognize that
  • Sheer will is easily exhausted so use it to add wild foods to your daily diet with the Holy Grail to Health and reap the benefits of PhytoMedicine 3.0.

Hungry for More?

I constantly research topics on or related to the health benefits from wild functional foods and on the other ingredients we use in my Holy Grail products for their virtues.

Here are a few which although some are really heavy going in terms of the biochemistry, the introductions and conclusions are often less technical but insightful and contexturally relevant.

A few references of Interest are linked below:

The Role of Calcium in Alzheimer's Disease 

The way calcium affects the progression of Alzheimer's disease can be understood in four biochemical pathways:

  1. When a lot of calcium moves into brain cells, it messes up the balance (homeostasis) of calcium in the cells. This leads to damage in the structure of the neurons affecting their functioning and causing some brain cells to die. Incidentally, this involves the mitochondria in the brain calls which get damaged themselves with the result that the cells' best before date is reached. Hence the cellular death or apoptosis.

  2. Too much calcium inside the brain cells cases the build up of amyloid protein β.

  3. Too much calcium in the brain cells also causes neurofibrillary tangles which are aggregates of tau protein that are most commonly known as a primary biomarker of Alzheimer's disease..

  4. The altered calcium homeostasis also affects how the brain cells communicate with each other and brain plasticity. This causes problems with memory storage and recall and reduces the brain's ability to heal itself, in people with Alzheimer's disease.

Similar effects to the above have been recently found to be evident in ALS, dementia and other neurodegenerative conditions. Other studies reveal they also apply in Parkinsonism, Huntington's disease and multiple sclerosis.

The calcium dysfunction is also part of the most common mental disease - depression. This review looks at the polyphenolic antioxidants called bioflavonoids (of which LIFE is a rich source). Another article of relevance to LIFE (and to Karuah Activated Turmeric) covers the impact of phytonutrients on inflammation in our fat stores as a causative factor in type 2 diabetes.

Moving out to other organs, calcium deposits of various types are also implicated in a wide variety of articular conditions (pain within joints and periarticular disorders (pain in structures surrounding the joint (eg, tendons, ligaments, bursae, muscles)). Basic calcium phosphate (BCP) crystals are found in 100% of cartilage samples from patients with osteoarthritis undergoing joint replacement surgery. This means that any pain in joints or around them needs the Holy Grail protocol at as early a phase as possible in order to save the cost, pain and inconvenience of joint replacement.

A review on phytonutrients for the management of obesity supports my recommendation to take the Holy Grail products 30 minutes before meals due to a myriad of benefits in regulating the biochemistry of adipose cells leading to weight loss and improved glucose metabolism.

The above references and literally hundreds of others I have compiled, all provide supportive evidence of the food:health relationships and the real value of the 4 products in the Holy Grail to Health. My paired products; Karuah ChancaPlus and Karuah Active Magnesium cover most of the above but LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials) delivers the phytos in phytomedicine. The 4th product in the Holy Grail prize is the anti-inflammatory, Karuah Activated Turmeric which many of you use and love as part of a daily nutritional plan. Add the rest and watch how the years wind back and in sharp focus.

All it takes is focus, commitment and sheer will to make the Holy Grail to Health a daily habit.

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