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Firstly, let me explain why this blog post might be of interest to you.

I love cooking with wild foods. I use them in every meal I prepare myself and I choose to eat game meats such as roo and crocodile (and seafood) because I know they are better for me and the environment than domesticated meats (OK maybe not the plundered, plastic-filled seafood).

But I also know that wild fruits, herbs and spices are so rich in both fat and water soluble antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, anti-allergens, anti-rogue cell (anti-proliferatives, pro-apopotics, anti-carcinogens, anti-mutagens), immune boosters, adaptogens, organic acids, organ (and DNA) protectants (brain, heart, liver, kidney, pancreas, skin, lungs, microbiome, etc), live enzymes and enzyme regulators, good sugars, bioavailable minerals and other functional components that we NEED.

In fact. our need for these essential micronutrients makes consuming them a daily priority.

No point asking your doctor for advice on nutrition

Nutritional research is still way behind in knowing the importance of many of these micronutrients in maintaining ideal health because science is often driven by a reductionist paradigm of one compound, one disease.

Think of vitamin C and prevention of the common cold. Omega oils and heart disease. Vitamin A and eyesight. Sugar and diabetes. Protein and gout. Lack of exercise and obesity. Alcohol and liver disease. Salt and hypertension. Ridiculous if you think of it. And one by one we are discovering that they are just plain wrong.

Vitamin C does nothing to prevent a cold, reduce the symptoms or reduce the duration of a cold if you get one. As a tablet, synthetic ascorbic acid is worse than useless as it overdoses biochemical pathways where it is not needed. It can also lead to deleterious intermediates as your body removes the over-load from your bloodstream.

Omega oils from a raft of supplements have failed to show that they can reduce the risk of cardiovascular-related death, delay cognitive decline, ease depression or prevent prostate cancer—four of the most promising claims regarding omega-3s.

The problem is two-fold: the oxidation of the oils during extraction affects the quality of the oil and that the oil is an extract. Like vitamin C, omega-3 oils depend on a whole arsenal of support nutrients that are in food sources of omega-3 and not in supplements.

Protein (or the purines from their digestion) and gout have been linked back to the Dark Ages. However, we now know that foods rich in bad sugars ie sucrose and fructose are gout-causing because of the uric acid formed as the fructose is metabolized. Read more on this here.

In essence, the bad sugars we eat lead to a raised uric acid during our absorption of fructose in the liver and the uric acid gets into our bloodstream and if our genetics reduces the kidneys' excretion of uric acid, it accumulates in joints (and in soft tissues all over the body) leading to inflammation.

But back to whole foods…

The Australian dietary guidelines are a farce. They are so general as to be next to useless and references to the benefits of some food groups will no doubt be outdated as new research fails to substantiate their contribution to good health. Pasteurized milk is just one example. Calcium, milk and bone health are linked only because of a dairy marketing initiative (magnesium is more important). Grains leading to leptin resistance is another. Tomato seeds, skin and juice contain lectins which are linked to leaky gut syndrome, food allergies, IBS and coeliac disease. And there’s legumes and their anti-nutritional factors or their indigestibility. All these are promoted as core foods when in reality, their side effects equate to those of the downside to pharmaceutical drugs.

We are all different; our genetic predisposition, current state of health, food habits, environmental stresses and upbringing. How can we expect either pharmaceuticals or even whole food groups to deliver the same benefits to us all? And this is apart from the plainly fallacious market linking of nutrients such as calcium and dairy.

And our cumulative health is not improving. Australians are amongst the most obese in the developed world. Millions are poured into genetic research yet only a tiny few will benefit from any discoveries of gene repair because gene expression is more a matter of nutrition than programming.

Metaflammation or Metabolic Inflammation

The term metaflammation is only just entering the mainstream and still, little appears in the media on the significance of inducers of ‘metabolic inflammation’. Yet this wholistic concept offers much to our understanding and prevention of diseases of nutrition.

While we are sorting out the best foods to eat and hopefully doubling the number of different foods we eat annually, there is a lot of evidence from real people, not lab rats, that boosting your intake of essential micronutrients can be of major benefit to our energy, vitality, mental clarity and overall health.

LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials)™, which is available as a powder and in capsules, is changing lives.

And to help get it distributed, I am looking to help people like you to achieve your best life. This is WOMBAT marketing (Word Of Mouth, Show And Tell). And it is a way to get to the outcomes we all desire.

The late Zig Ziglar once said, show enough people how to get what they want and you will get what you want along the way.

So I have implemented an affiliate program for LIFE and all our wild food products. Simply go to this affiliate page and sign up. Get your unique link as the key for us to pay you for helping in the task of getting more people to enjoy the many benefits of LIFE and our other products.

Now I realize that Australians are usually happy  recommending good products they find to their friends and contacts, just because they do. But if you do this anyway, why not let us pay you for the favour? It can be extremely lucrative and I am sure that you have seen referral links from affiliate marketers for all sorts of things online by now.

I am looking for people who really want to change their lives. People who are  ready to take the bull by the horns and strike out into the unknown to end up in a better place, personally, spiritually and financially. I will act as Herald, Guide and Mentor and provide the necessary support if you need it but you will need the guts and grit to want to change. The quest, should you choose to accept it, will see you develop in many ways and better health and wealth are just part of the expected results.

There’s an old saying … well, a joke really: How many psychologists (or psychiatrists) does it take to change a lightbulb? Answer: Only one but the lightbulb has got to want to change.

I think it’s funny but this is the rude truth for many of us who are living lives of quiet desperation expecting it to end with a whimper, not a bang. We do the same things over and over again and expect a different result and we think that time is unlimited. We think we can always change later but never do.

Think about driving in your car away from the city and suburbs. You keep an eye on the fuel gauge so that you know how far you can go before needing more fuel. But how many of us live our lives without looking at the ‘fuel gauge’? Work this out now: Make an estimate of the number of years that you expect to live from this point on. Multiply that by 52 and this will be the number of weekends you have left.

Are you living each one to the max or are you frittering away your time? Are you living as though your weekends are limitless? I have some bad news for you. Even with new medical advances and life support technologies, unless you are fit and healthy into your old age, it might be a horrendous time for you. And this doesn’t even consider your living standards and if you have found the opportunity that will care for you and your family into the future.

I know that I do not want to end up in my later years looking back on life with a barrel load of regrets, frustrations that I didn’t ‘Just do it’ and a history of poor decisions and unmet expectations.

It doesn’t need to be this way. It mustn’t be this way. You owe it to the world to live a life of high degree and to contribute in a loud, proud way that inspires, if not others, then at least yourself. Join me in the journey …

“You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up … and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

All of us are expert networkers and have been since we were 5 or 6 years old. The rabbit hole is such that we refer our friends, family, contacts and acquaintances to things, other people and experiences that we enjoy or that lift and edify us. Our missed opportunity is that we have just never collected the commission for our services of referral.

But I am not asking you to feel uncomfortable by asking for payment for what you have been doing for free.

My offer is just this: Keep doing what you have always done and I will work with you through the next steps to achieve your vision of a better life. And would it be OK with you if I get to earn a few hundred dollars paid by the company, for helping you earn a few thousand dollars a month should you decide to work with me on this LIFE project?

Most people want 3 things: Good health, more time for ourselves and more money to make life easier. These are the pillars of my offer. They are important because they are the difference between wasting your life and investing in a host of fantastic experiences from now until that fateful day we all face. I know that I don’t want to look back over my time here and say, I wish …

Do this:

Write your birthday to the left margin of a page and another date, say 90 years later near the right margin. Draw a line between these dates. That line represents your life. How you lived. What you achieved. The memories of the people you know and love and who reciprocated that love, things you did and places you have been. Are the details behind that line significant? Do you want them to be more so?

There’s another old saying…

How you live your days is how you live your life.

Now ask yourself, what two things most annoy you each day (in the big picture)? What limits you from having a great life? Would you like to have more time to spend with your partner or your family? Perhaps to relax more at your favourite sport or activity. Maybe you’d travel this country or abroad and experience other cultures and immerse yourself in those experiences. Maybe you’d take up a hobby and actually do it if you had more free time.

And having more money… well that’s obvious.

Everybody knows that the cost of living is at an all time high and it doesn’t look like coming down soon. Fuel prices, food costs, even going out for a fine meal at a good restaurant can cost a small fortune. If you are planning to retire, will your superannuation still sustain and support your lifestyle in 10, 20 or more years?

Some people have discovered a way to do things right once and then earn an on-going and growing income so that their life can change dramatically for the better. And doing this business is easy (we already know how), fun (talking to other passionate, motivated people) and simple (no selling involved, in fact all that is needed is to tell others about how you benefited from LIFE and give them a link you get once you sign up here.  

    • Hi Ted,

      The pricing will be around the same as for Kakadu or $60 a bottle (earning 30 points) with 50% paid out in commissions. I will have deals for 2 and 4 bottle packs. Minimum points needed to be active for the month will be 40 points which can be covered by 2 bottles purchased or 1 bottle bought and one sold at retail.

      The main thing is the total focus is more on the solutions we provide to the main challenges most people face; money, free time and good health. If you are still looking for that opportunity that will take care of you and your family into the future, give me a call on 0418 405 183.


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