Australian Functional Ingredients – by Vic Cherikoff

For Manufacturers

Give Yourself the Edge with Australia’s Most Interesting, Creative and Innovative Ingredients (but please ask us how best to brand them)



Australian Functional Ingredients offers a collection of unique formulations for manufacturers to give you a competitive edge.

These include Herbal-Active®, which is a new and natural antimicrobial but sold as a food flavour. This means no numbers in ingredient lists from preservatives as it goes into the herb and spice category. Email us at support AT cherikoff DOT net for an indicative specification or to discuss your specific needs for a natural preservative. Incidentally, it is already being used in juices, cordials, nutritional and functional beverages, sauces, syrups and preserves, marinated cheeses and personal care cosmetics.

Have you walked through countless trade shows and fingered through dozens of company catalogs only to see the same old things. Well our flavours are truly new to commerce yet at the same time, they are the oldest on the planet. We consider them as the last flavour frontier and as they spread around the globe in all sorts of manufactures they create interest, give you free publicity opportunities, bring in new customers, revitalize existing product ranges or create entirely new ones.



Our customers already include major mainstream manufacturers as well as dozens of smaller companies who see the need to innovate and have reaped the rewards in successful products and good media support and exposure. There’s nothing like free publicity and we have some great stories on the use of our ingredients. Just ask us as we have built a business on it.

But back to our ingredient supply. Because we are the major global supplier of Australian ingredients to manufacturers, we are able to offer the absolute best quality product and development support in terms of flavour and combination suggestions and product form. That is, we make extracts and concentrates to suit particular applications of solubility, dispersal or particular flavour delivery. Please ask us or get your development team to utilize our broad experience in the food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. We probably already have the answer.

Australian Functional Ingredients for Manufacturers

Addition rates and flavour combinations will vary depending upon the relative strength of other ingredients but here are a few ideas on products and usage:





This is my new flavouring which, in practice is more often used at 0.05 to 0.1% for its anti-microbial action although there is a protocol of use that needs to be used. Herbal-Active® is extremely effective against food spoilage organisms and yeasts and is currently used in beverages, marinated cheeses, preserved fruits, sauces, syrups and is in test in bakery products and meats.

As a 1% solution, Herbal-Active® is ideal in extending the shelf life and food safety of fresh produce and we even pack it in a retail pouch and brand it as Fresher4Longer natural food rinse™. If you want to be able to brand your produce as ‘Naturally Long Life’ and have a wider window of sale for your produce and even gain access to export markets that are not available now, test out our claims.

Ask us for more information, a specification sheet and get a sample from our on-line store.

Other Ingredients


Alpine Pepper

Excellent in combination with fruits as well as in savoury applications as for conventional black pepper. Ideal as a seasoning ingredient for that unique peppery backnote. Strong heating extracts the herb and oak notes but lessens the zing. Try our suggestion of a blend of lemon myrtle sprinkle and Alpine pepper as a brand new lemon pepper. Also recommended for baking applications but care is needed in yeasted products as it is strongly antimicrobial (and is part of the formulation of our Herbal-Active® natural preservative flavouring. Also available in oil; as a soluble flavour; and an encapsulated extract.


Lemon Myrtle sprinkle

Suggestions for use: seasonings, syrups, beverages and tea blends, dressings, baked goods, desserts.

Lemon Myrtle sprinkle, soluble

Ideal for flavouring beverages, cordials and cold blended dressings. Avoid open heating although in-line or in-bottle pasteurisation is not a challenge.

Lemon myrtle, encapsulated

The encapsulation uses maltodextrin with no integral DNA. Other carriers eg gums can also be used as required.

Forest Anise

Use as an uncooked crusting or a pre-dust for heated applications or otherwise, simple addition. Infuse the flavour in heated mixture rather than heating the herb. Alternatively, use our soluble aniseed myrtle oil for full flavour control.

Complementary flavours include apricot, peach, almond, chocolate. Ideal for tonic teas, ice cream and other desserts as well as savoury applications eg bread, cheese (fetta), seafoods, smoked meats.

Forest Anise, soluble

Ideal for flavouring beverages, cordials and cold blended dressings. Avoid open heating.

Forest Peppermint

Infuse the flavour in heated mixture or use our soluble forest peppermint oil. Complementary flavours include chocolate, apple, berries. Ideal as a flavouring for ice cream, desserts and tea but also good in savoury uses eg with seafood.


Fruit Spice

This herb makes an exceptional ice cream flavouring on its own or with stone, berry and tropical fruits (particularly good with apricot or banana). Ideal in teas, desserts (particularly with other fruits), savoury uses eg curries.

Fruit Spice, soluble

Use as a flavour enhancer in beverages, sauces and dressings.

Mintbush Marinade

Suits most savoury applications eg pasta, noodles, sauces and marinades but also good in tea, ice cream and other desserts. Flavour complements: as for conventional mint or spearmint.



This is the original roasted seed product developed by Vic Cherikoff in 1984.
Usually requires either pre-boiling or wet cooking of product. See other forms of wattleseed in the following descriptions.

Wattleseed (re-dried)

Extracted grounds, dried. Use Extracted Wattleseed for texture and visual contribution. Ideal as an exfoliant in cosmetic scrubs. Still lightly flavoured for use in biscuits and other baked products. Add Wattleseed extract to adjust flavour.

Wattleseed extract

Convenient form of Wattleseed flavour. Add to beer, desserts, creams, baked foods, sauces. Wattleseed is an effective emulsifier/stabiliser of whipped cream stopping separation on standing at the recommended addition rate. Complementary flavours to Wattleseed include rum, white chocolate, red wine, mushroom and orange.


Enhances conventional tomatoes, eggplant (aubergine), artichokes and mushrooms. This is a bush tomato seasoning in which the bush tomato or akudjura is enhanced with ordinary tomato, Alpine pepper, garlic and Mintbush.

Lemon Aspen juice

This is as versatile a flavouring as lemon myrtle and heat stable as well. In combination with ginger, basil or soy in wet seasonings, dressings and baked goods, lemon aspen can provide a lemon quality with its own unique citrus character.

Rainforest Lime purée

Rainforest lime purée has a concentrated lime character which is more intense than ordinary limes. Complementary flavours are as for conventional lime – coconut, ginger & chilli.

Wild Rosella extract

Alcoholic extraction with a brilliant crimson colour and full acid of the rosella fruits. Use in beverages, soft desserts and as a natural colouring or enhancement for jams and preserves.

Davidson plum purée

Use as for conventional plum purée. The sour plum flavour and striking dark crimsom colour make this purée a versatile addition to desserts, ice cream, tarts, beverages, sauces and Asian style flavourings.

Also available is a range of prepared sauces, syrups, infused essential oils, tailor-made herb blends and seasoning mixes.

Another consideration which can affect the impact and costing significantly is that it is often possible to add an Australian highlight to a product by concentrating the Cherikoff ingredient in a smaller portion of the total eg. a marble in cakes, ripples in ice cream, layers, swirls or other ‘garnishes’ to products. A self-saucing pie or sausage could be considered. Flavouring pastry in pies is more effective than flavouring the filling. Pre-dusts and stuffings are more effective than flavoured coatings. Particular combinations of the authentic Australian flavouring and conventional fruit or spice can enhance the result dramatically.

Please ask for our recommendations and suggestions. For more information or assistance with specific product development in full confidentiality, please contact us.

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