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There is no doubt that we should be eating more wild foods as they supply an enormous range of phytonutrients that are being bred out of our conventional produce. Read more about this at the Wild Foods website.

But I’d like to cover a few items that are in short supply as well as list the vast number of products that we do have in stock and the return of some popular ingredients too.

Firstly, we are coming to the end of several really bad years with respect to the harvests of a range of wild foods including wattle seeds (to make Wattleseed™, the roasted product and Wattleseed™ extract); pepperberries; munthari; and bush tomatoes.

We are also coming near the end of our stocks of riberries (due to large forward orders in hand) but should see supplies hold out until the new season starts in November/December. The good news is that it looks like the new season crops should be pretty solid. We will know early in the New Year so join me in crossing fingers and hoping that the Climate Crisis doesn’t get in the way of our expectations.

And on another positive note, we have Paperbark back in stock and are packing sheets as flat packs as well as rolls. The flat packs give you more pieces of bark for cooking or display.

Other ingredients that are on hand include the following:

Fruits and fruit preserves
Illawarra plums (frozen, freeze-dried in slices and preserved as a confit with good sugars and reduced fructose) - not quite enough for manufacturers from this last season but some stocks available for food service and our own Health Hero™ Range.
Rainforest limes (tonnage available) - frozen fruits, confit and freeze dried
Kakadu (Kalari) plums (frozen or freeze-dried powder)
Quandong halves (as a confit with good sugars and reduced fructose)
Wild rosella (frozen and as a confit with good sugars and reduced fructose), freeze-dried whole fruits (flowers) to order
Riberries (as a confit with good sugars and reduced fructose), freeze-dried as whole berries
Davidson plums (frozen or freeze-dried)
Desert limes (frozen)
Finger limes (frozen and freeze-dried)
Lemon aspen (whole frozen and juiced)

Herbs, spices and seasonings
Lemon myrtle sprinkle
Forest anise
Alpine pepper
Mintbush marinade
Yakajirri (our bush tomato seasoning)
Forest peppermint
Aussie furikake
Wildfire spice
Rainforest rub
Red Desert Dust

Syrups, sauces and preserves
Bush tomato chutney
Illawarra plum sauce
Rainforest lime sauce base
Mountain pepper sauce
Sweet Lemon aspen chilli sauce
Maple and Lemon ironwood syrup

Infused oils and soluble flavours (liquids and powders)
Paperbark smoke oil or water soluble form
Bluegum smoke oil or water soluble form
Lemon myrtle sprinkle oil or water soluble form
Forest peppermint oil or water soluble form
Gumleaf oil

Other products
L.I.F.E. (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials)™ – our super-nutritional product
Herbal-Active® – our unique, natural antimicrobial
Skews in 8 different flavours, some Indigenous Australian, others conventionalPaperbark (rolls and flat packs)
Cosmetic functionals (ask for our recommendations for your range)

Wild Foods; Looking back 60,000 years for clues to our future survival
The Dining Downunder Cookbook

Download our current Product Glossary here or visit our online store for more details.

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