1. Cherikoff Rare Spices MD, Vic Cherikoff, is widely acknowledged as the pioneer of the native Australian food industry and so the products available are developed from this wealth of experience. His scientific work on the food resources as well as his local and international experience in demonstrating and cooking with the ingredients combine to deliver the highest quality with no compromise to being the best. Through your purchase, we are able to bring additional new ingredients onto the market expanding your choice and culinary experience.

2. First Grade Quality: Our raw ingredients come from decades of improvement in growing methods and post harvest handling to ensure our herbs are the most aromatic, our spices more pungent and our fruits the most tasty. We also use enhance the impact of our seasonings using dried rainforest fruits, encapsulated herb extracts as carefully considered flavour enhancers to our artfully crafted mixes.

3. Australian herbs, spices, fruits, essential oils and the products we make from them are not only delicious and easy to use but the ingredients are as much medicine as food. Many contain immune boosters, antioxidants, anti-ageing, anti-diabetic, anti-arthritic, adaptogenic and other components which significantly contribute to your health and well being.

4. While bringing to market, selecting and improving the current range of Australian foods, Vic Cherikoff developed Wattleseed™ as a flavour ingredient; Paperbark Smoke oil as an infused oil; formulated soluble essential oils from most of the herbs; and created high impact seasonings and specialised blends for manufacturers and chefs. We are behind most of the successful products on the market and our own products are well tested in the challenging kitchens of restaurants around the world.

5. Recipe support both on-line via several linked websites (see Benjamin Christie, Dining Downunder and Australian herbs and spices) and off-line in cookbooks such as The Bushfood Handbook by Vic Cherikoff and The Dining Downunder Cookbook by Vic Cherikoff and Benjamin Christie.

6. Fair trade, fair prices: We started sourcing and will always source ingredients from remote area Aboriginal communities continue to create opportunities for Aborigines to develop their own enterprises within the native Australian food industry. We pay better than market price or maintain strong remuneration for the more costly wild harvests where appropriate and where significant benefits are returned to the communities involved. Our vision is a healthy wild food industry with a significant participation by Aborigines in the development of their own foods for global markets.

7. Discount voucher: You get a free discount voucher with any purchase over $200 and this gives a 10% discount on your next purchase for you and two of your friends.

8. Guaranteed Secure credit card transactions, well protected by 128-bit Encryption.

9. Monthly Prize: Submit your recipe using one or more Cherikoff products and you go into a draw to win prizes such as the FuriTechnic Knives we are offering for the next six months.

10. In using these Australian ingredients you will be part of a global movement in developing a uniquely Australian cuisine. We even give you the vehicle to tell others about your cooking through our recipe competition.

So what are you waiting for already? Head on over to our Australian food store and add some authentic Australian ingredients to your cooking for the rest of the month. It’ll not only taste great but it’s good for you.

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