Weight loss is a multi-million dollar business. It is a growing industry (if you’ll excuse the pun).

As our food quality falls and we breed more produce that’s sweeter (from sucrose and fructose) or starchier, juicier, lower in fibre, more nutritionally dilute we get more obese and suffer its complications. As we put more bad fats (trans-fats), bad sugars (sucrose and fructose, again) and low fibre ingredients into our prepared foods and cook out any real food value, the same thing happens. We get fatter and more prone to illness over time.

If you are in the habit of overindulging at Xmas and go work in the New Year looking like Santa Claus yourself, take a load off your shoulders (and your knees) and lose some of that bulk.

The easiest way I know to do it (apart from liposuction which is a really drastic measure) is with a high antioxidant, high protein, fibre enhanced, high flavour diet. Add to this, an exercise regime developed at the University of New South Wales, Faculty of Medicine and you have the recipe for success.

Here’s some more information on why it’s so hard to lose weight and how to go about it:

Can’t lose weight? Here’s why….

What’s the Perfect diet?

Weight loss is important.

The risk of most lethal diseases are exacerbated by obesityheart attack, stroke, aneurysms, many cancers and diseases such as diabetes are made much worse.

Did you know that diabetics can suffer neuropathy (leading to amputations), permanent blindness, kidney (and other organ) failure, the list is long and frightening.

If you want to lose weight, easily and permanently you need to address the poor quality of our foods, even our fresh produce.

Check out our LIFE Plan – B’yond Paleo which is a lifestyle improvement approach and is easy to follow, provides permanent weight loss with a simple management program AND slows ageing, gives you energy and cuts sugar cravings without the need for will power or hours at the gym.

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