I was kindly invited to be interviewed by national Australian radio personality, Margaret Throsby on ABC Classic FM recently.

The segment was well received and many listeners wanted to learn more about LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials™) – although I couldn’t mention it by name on public radio and the many benefits it delivers and why I call it the Antidote to Modern Food.

If you want to listen to the interview click here for the podcast.

The interview also generated lots of inquiries about weight loss and if you want more information on losing weight easily and permanently, email us as a new program is about to start.

I invite you to try LIFE risk-free for a month. See how it sustains you. Experience it for yourself and if you don’t find that it curbs your carb cravings, does away with the need for that afternoon nap and gives you more energy on weekends along with the myriad of benefits that happen over time, then send me the empty sachet back and I’ll refund the cost. So try it on me. Head on over to our online store and grab a sachet. It works out at around $3 a day for the ultra-nutrition loaded into every shot of LIFE from the whole food ingredients. The energy lift you get in the afternoons makes it worth these few dollars a day let alone all the systems and processes that are targeted by the antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, anti-allergens, anti-proliferatives, good sugars, organic acids, enzymes and enzyme regulators, bioavailable minerals and other phytonutrients in LIFE.

  • Dear Vic,
    Your support email is not functioning!!!!
    I give up now and am trying this avenue!

    I’m SOOOO excited.
    LIFE is finally available….. Congratulations.

    I’m having lots of trouble with your website.
    So can I order a 1 kg bag from you now?
    How much and how do you want me to pay?
    0425 209 341

    • Hi Marjan,

      Sorry for the delayed reply. Lots going on at the moment with the development of my LIFE B’Yond Paleo weight loss plan. It should launch soon in time for all those New Year resolutions people make around losing weight.

      I will also be launching LIFE in gelatin capsules soon. Some research is showing that bioavailability of antioxidants can be boosted if enteric-coated capsules allow the micro-nutrients to pass through the stomach and get delivered to the microflora in the intestines. I might even add the generally unpalatable activated turmeric to the encapsulated form so there will be a choice or take both (which is what I will do).

      Anyway. Sorry about the email support. It should be fixed now.

      You can order 1kg amounts but think of the capsules too. The 1kg price will be $360 for the powder. I am not yet sure of the price on the capsules as it depends on how much we can get into each capsule and how many would be needed to match the 5g dose I recommend.

      Please let me know how you are finding the LIFE you are taking now. I’d love to add another testimonial to my pages. A lot of support has come through recently and I will be re-designing the web pages with these testimonials soon.

      All the best,

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