I just discovered a presentation which I wanted to share with anyone interested (such is the opportunity from blogging). It is a speech by Hans Rosling at a TED conference in 2006. See this site for more on TED.

My only criticism is that our goal, as the species at the top of the food chain, should be the environment, not culture, as Hans suggests. The reality is that for every increase in population there is less of everything else.

Aborigines in traditional times, knew that there was a carrying capacity for their country. If the clan lived within this environmental limit then their health, wellbeing, happiness and survival was ensured. There was sufficient (high quality) food for all in even the toughest of times. Through other, less stressful periods, technology, entertainment, design – or what is effectively culture, could prosper and enrich the lives of the clan. The environment came first.

Funny that we haven’t yet learned this most basic fact of life and the race to discover Australia’s food and medicinal resources is running against the rising tide of our population and development.

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