Are you a Health Hero. It's Transformational.

Every day, do some exercise for physical health, work on your emotional health (strengthen your relationships), your mental health (creativity and inspiration), your spiritual health (gratitude and helping others) but most of all, top up your nutrition with wild foods.

How to be the Luckiest Person Alive, Again

Thanks for reading my emails. I am grateful that my wild food discoveries and experiences are providing so many people with the substance and fuel to often even transform their lives. I know that LIFE, especially, has solved my own health issues, from weight management to swollen, painful joints and much more. My other formulations then provide a protective role which collectively, is better than health insurance (and costs way less).

Better and lasting health in today's challenging world is a major step in coping with viruses, the Climate Crisis, wars, the insanity of politics and the inanity of perpetual economic growth at any cost. It is great to have control in our lives and wild foods do deliver this in terms of health outcomes.

I would also like to acknowledge you as a Health Hero, someone who recognizes that we can transform our lives through the simple process of adding wild foods to our diet. This transformation can facilitate massive change in our lives so that Thoreau's "living lives of quiet desperation" is not for us. We can live a purpose-filled, rich and experience-filled life no matter what years we have left.

To rephrase Mae West's quote, I can say that I've been ill and I've been healthy. Healthy is better.

Most of us were lucky to be born with an innate robustness to survive. Our first 40 years tends to be relatively carefree, healthwise, even though it is also a time when pre-conditions of many diseases of nutrition begin. Tiny calcium deposits called calculi might form in organs or other tissues and these become sites of rogue cell growths as we age.

It is true that our lifestyle, stress and sleeping habits can influence our health too. Even our circadian rhythms (body clocks) and our brain, other organs and even our gut bugs can get 'out of sync' with their scheduling of time and activity..

However, above all else, we need to improve our nutrition over and above what the food industry offers. 

It doesn't matter if food comes from supermarkets, organic fruit and vegetable grocers or specialty food stores, even from farmers markets or boutique ingredient outlets, it is generally nutritionally suspect.

We are growing a far smaller range of foods than our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate and the nutritional value of modern foods is rapidly falling as produce gets bigger, sweeter and nutritionally dilute.

Farmed produce is also becoming increasingly more expensive and less worth the bother of eating.

Somehow, we need to put back what modern food agriculture and processing takes out.

But it is more than this

I believe that Health Heroes deserve to live a life of purpose and high value and to do this, we need to get and stay healthy.

My own luck (Labouring Under Correct Knowledge) began when I recognized the link between great health and a great life.

I asked myself, what would I choose to do if I knew that I will live a long healthy life?

My realization was that even at 66 years of age, I can expect another 30 to 35 more years in which I can have new experiences, new goals, new projects and a richer life.

I love the truth in the comment I once heard that if you think getting healthy is expensive, try chronic illness or bundle a few different illnesses and see how you go with your finances and the ease of living.

The right commitment to our health is a valuable investment which will return dividends in terms of vitality, mental alertness, a more positive outlook, enhanced resilience and immunity, protection against a raft of conditions (some even lethal), a higher quality of life and a slowed rate of ageing.

We need to decide if we can risk growing old and frail and dependent upon others for our basic needs or do what it takes to remain mentally and physically young and youthful and to enjoy a long, rich lifespan.

Topping up our nutrition keeps us a step ahead of the food industry and their shareholder values, their factory farms of degrading landscapes, lost biodiversity and unsustainable practices. 

I have been extremely fortunate to receive the kindness, hospitality, trust and sharing from so many Indigenous Australian women and even a few male informants with whom I have worked, camped and foraged over the last 4 decades. Whichever community I visited, I would also share the results from the scientific analyses and my research into wild foods. I would speak in remote region schools, with the kids, their teachers and indigenous teachers aides as well as with health workers, doctors, dentists and community representatives. 

My aim was always to illustrate the vast differences between wild foods and store produce.

Because they are like cheese and chalk.

It has taken decades but selected wild foods are now becoming managed as remote communities recognize the opportunities to wild harvest, promote and sell their own traditional foods such as Kakadu plums, Wattleseed, quandong, bush tomatoes, several bush medicines and more.

Your support of my range of health and wellbeing products has been an important part of this as we continue to source quantities of wild foods from remote communities.

Embracing wild foods from the World's longest living culture in science-based products side-steps much of the medical and pharmaceutical industries' efforts to reduce our wellbeing to bottles of synthetic chemicals, medical procedures and high tech interventions. Much of what these commercial industries offer is sugar-coated placebo formulations or side-effect loaded, symptom reducers. The real raison d'être of Big Med and Big Pharma is 'A patient cured is a customer lost'.

I take pride in the many Health Heroes like you who reap real nutritional, health and lifespan benefits from the regular consumption of my wild food enhanced range.

I am grateful that you support my products and that I can provide such an impactful contribution to your on-going health.

You are the future of Australia

Imagine committing to projects in your 60s and 70s knowing that you can expect to live in good health into your 90s and possibly beyond.

The myriad diseases of nutrition are not for us.

What project would you take on as a yet unfulfilled, life-long goal? What legacy would you be proud to say you achieved for your friends, family or for posterity? How can you avoid regrets from NOT living a ling life and leaving your lasting legacy? and Karuah Cookies

Here's a way to boost fibre intake and get magnesium at the same time: The recipe makes 24 biscuits and since there was 4 scoops of KAM in the batch, just 3 of these a day will boost your magnesium intake. There are enough in the batch for 8 days for 1 person so you'll need to work out how many mouths you'll feed and scale up the recipe accordingly.

You might not eat these every day but see if you can resist and just stop at one. They are great on their own but they can be embellished as in the pic and served with coconut yoghurt and garnished with wild raspberries.

1 3/4 cups rolled oats
3/4 cup wholemeal self raising flour
1/2 cup almond meal
2 heaped tsp Nestle's Plaistowe dark cocoa powder or equivalent (sugar-free)
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup of well-chopped 95% chocolate (eg Lindt)
1/2 cup chopped nuts (your choice: almonds, brazil, pecans, cashews)
4 scoops Karuah Active Magnesium
1/2 cup of Raw Earth stevia and/or monkfruit erythritol sweetener
1/3 cup of honey or maple syrup (or our Riberry confit)
1/3 cup coconut oil

In a large mixing bowl, mix all the dry ingredients until well combined. Stir in the liquids and taste to adjust the sweetness, if needed. Add more wet or dry sweetener if required. The mix should still be crumbly but will hold together if you press a heaped tablespoonful into a ball.

Grease a muffin tray or two (the mix will make 24 biscuits) and drop in 2 heaped tablespoonfuls of the mixture into each cup. Press down lightly to just flatten the mix to cover the bottom of the cup and about 10mm thick. I used a lightly coconut oiled coffee tamper, twisting it so that the mix came away cleanly.

Bake in a fan forced 160°C oven for 14 to 16 minutes. Remove trays from oven and cool until you can twist each biscuit to free them from the sides and bottom of the tray cups. Upturn the tray onto a cooling rack and load it up again if you only have one tray, Repeat the process for the remaining 12 biscuits. Once the biscuits are all cool, store them in an air-tight container.

After a few batches using the muffin tins, I spread the mix on a non-stick mat in a baking tray as you would for brownies and cooked it as a slab. Cool slightly after the 14-16 minutes and slice into squares. Faster and just as good.

Great News on the Upfront Cost of Reaching Your Ideal Health have had a few Health Talk readers ask for a payment plan on the Holy Trinity to Health pack so we now have an instalment plan for our 3-month pack of the Holy Trinity to Health (plus one). It is spread over 8 weeks with a charge of only $86.25 pw.

Here's the link.

The 3-month pack costs less than $7.70 a day or less than 2 large takeaway coffees (or a double-shot large coffee at the airport where I just paid $7 for one).

However, unlike generally bad takeaway coffee (which also come loaded with nano plastics from the paper cups too it seems), our Holy Trinity to Health products could SAVE your life;

or at least ...
  • give you mental energy to start and end your day
  • slow down existing illnesses
  • avoid more severe symptoms
  • heal long term damage
  • protect against joint discomfort
  • deliver more physical energy
  • improve mental sharpness, focus and concentration
  • boost vitality, healthspan and lifespan
Here are a few clues to tune into:

A few weeks on the plan will begin to change your taste drives as the phytonutrient-rich, wild food enhanced, whole foods work their magic and eliminate Hidden Hunger.

This translates as boosted satiety or a loss of feeling hungry. We tend to eat more from habit than need and we obviously over-eat when we do this. Fortunately, once you and your gut bugs are supplied with a bounty of phytonutrients, it is so much easier to just change your eating times and cut out one major meal. No will power. No fuss. And more time in your days too.

It can also save you the cost of a take away meal if you buy lunch during the week. This can often save you $10 to $15 a day which will help to cover the investment in a Holy Trinity to Health pack.

It is eye-opening just how unnecessary it is to be eating 3 meals a day unless you are a competitive or committed athlete.

For me, this meant a whole new daily meal pattern with breakfast becoming brunch and no desire to snack mid-morning or afternoon.

My brunch might be:

Eggs with fresh chilli or green peppercorns and a wild rocket salad with lime juice mayo and pine nuts or ...

Oatmeal pancakes with smoked salmon (or fried chicken 'bacon') and cottage cheese or ...

2 or 3 kangaroo meatballs flattened into mini burgers (sliders in the US).

With the meatballs I generally coat them with a mix of couscous, salt, lime zest and fresh or dried chilli or I might use our Red Desert Dust or Wildfire Spice before pan-frying the sliders in a minimum of macadamia nut oil and a smidgen of butter.

I do the same with chicken breast fillet slices, prawns or white fish (wild caught, of course).

Occasionally I have a couple of slices of sprouted grain bread (or a grain-free, seed bread I recently found in Flannerys Organics) I might top the toasted bread with nut butter and Manuka honey or ...

a spoonful of Riberry Confit over some grilled bacon, smoked chicken or turkey or a few slices of hamon negra or chorizo or similar.

Throughout the day, I still have my 3 cups of coffee (one around 6am, another at 10am and 3pm) and a Karuah Active Magnesium powered biscuit. Just 3 of these daily supply the magnesium we need for the 600 biochemical reactions that rely on this super-important (activated) mineral.

Dinner is as early as we can make it and is usually over by 7pm. It is usually stir-fried non-starchy vegetables and a protein of some sort eg Atlantic salmon or ocean trout (preferably wild caught), finned fish, prawns, calamari or squid, chicken, kangaroo or other game meats etc.

I tend to avoid beef, lamb and pork on environmental grounds but do understand that chickens have a really miserable life so cruelty-free, organic, chicken meat is the way to go. Duck and turkey are rarities for me and might only be on the menu once or twice a year.

Dinner is regularly light on starchy carbs although a few times a month we have a pasta dish which we start preparing the day before. We boil a generous volume of salted water to which we add one of those low GI, high fibre pasta varieties available now. Once it is nearly al denté (firm but not hard to bite), strain the pasta, add a little macadamia nut oil to stop it sticking together and allow to cool. Chill overnight and reheat to use the next day with your choice of protein.

This process increases the resistant starches in the pasta which means they are more slowly absorbed and do not require a heap of insulin, the fat-storage hormone to be produced by our pancreas.

So there's a start to a meal and lifestyle plan for health. Lots of ideas and the only guide is to avoid bad sugars from all sources and starchy vegetables. Most importantly, listen to your gut and how full you and your gut bugs feel. LIFE daily will end Hidden Hunger and then the habit of eating too much will disappear over time.

And lastly, may I ask a favour of you please?

My passion is helping people to live their best life and the only way to do this is to be as healthy as humanly possible.

A lot of people who I meet or with whom I connect online are equally passionate about avoiding the perils of growing old badly.

But here's where you can help your friends and acquaintances, colleagues and contacts: We depend upon WOMBAT marketing which stands for Word Of Mouth, Buy And Tell.

If you are a devotee of all or any of the Holy Trinity to Health range (plus the Karuah Activated Turmeric), I need your referrals in order to help more people.

Would it be OK if you refer me to any of your contacts - family, friends, friends of friends and acquaintances?

I am happy to answer emailed questions that might arise as to the specific needs of others who could become Health Heroes too. 

If it is appropriate and you provide me the details of people in your circle of contacts, I can also track your referrals and reward you as I see more Health Heroes begin their journey to better health and a vibrant life.

Alternatively, join our affiliate program at our aussiesuperfoods website

Thanks for your help on this. Please feel free to pass on your copy of 33 Myths of Health, Nutrition and Weight Loss to your contacts.

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