Hospitality Directory has given me some air with a product review on Herbal-Active®.

My natural antimicrobial is ideal for berries, cherries, stone fruits and melons; vegetables such as zucchini and cucumbers and even tomatoes which can harbour molds which can then contaminate tomato sauces and pastes made from un-dipped tomatoes.

It’s also good for chicken, meats, seafood and even seeds and nuts which can also carry high levels of contaminants due to the conditions of processing or the country in which they are grown and processed.

Do you remember the report from last year when a major Australian herb and spice blender recalled a product containing pumpkin seed kernels from China? Apparently the kernels were popped out from their shells by skilled women who used their front teeth to crack the pumpkin seed before spitting out the kernel. This took quite a few women to make it a commercial exercise but they did produce tonnage for export. You just never know.

But closer to home, have you ever been annoyed that fruit which you just bought, turns into a mouldy ooze in what seems like hours after you bring it back from the store? Ever wondered what grotty kid has sneezed or coughed all over your food? Did the green grocer wash his hands after using the loo and then handling what you are about to consume?

Herbal-Active® will not only kill food spoilage organisms but also food pathogens which are the micro-bugs which make us sick if we eat them. You’ve heard of Listeria, E.coli, Salmonella. Well all these succumb to a brief dip in a 1-2% solution of Herbal-Active®.

Anyway, there’s lots more about this in the review at Hospitality Directory so check it out.

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