A Fountain of Youth

Ever thought about a Fountain of Youth and if anything we eat or do can be anti-ageing? We only have one life so why not make every day count and look at all possibilities?

Each of us has to deal with what to eat, how to prepare it, whether to include processed foods and how much and all those mixed messages that this spice, juice, chemical concoction, meditation, exercise or whatever, will cure all ills today so we can walk on water tomorrow.

Have you ever thought that looking back to what the world’s healthiest and longest living culture ate might provide some clues as to what we should be eating?

There is evidence now that if we are eating modern foods grown using current agricultural methods then we are victims of Hidden Hunger. This is a phytonutrient deficiency because of the farming methods used since the Industrial Age. Additionally, modern selections of plant food species have been developed for their size, juiciness, sweetness but most importantly, for their robustness in transit).

We need essential nutrients (that can only come from a wide range of minimally prepared, fresh food) if we are to get a healthy diet. These Food Essentials primarily come from plants and are called phytonutrients. They include antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, anti-allergens, anti-rogue cell (anti-proliferatives, pro-apopotics, anti-carcinogens, anti-mutagens), immune boosters, adaptogens, organic acids, organ protectants (brain, heart, liver, kidney, pancreas, lungs, blood vessels, lymphatics, skin, reproductive organs), mitochondria protectants (energy production and distribution as well as cellular recycling and mitochondrial replication), live enzymes and enzyme regulators, good sugars, dietary fibre, organic acids and bioavailable minerals

Compared to wild foods which are rich sources of phytonutrients, modern foods are almost not worth eating.

LIFE is a Guide to Intelligent Nutrition

It is also the antidote to modern foods.

We all have a very limited amount of will power because exercising it takes a lot of energy. This is why it is so much better to use other means to help us eat what we need. This involves 3 simple, unconscious steps:

  1. changing our instinctive taste drives for sweet and fat (by getting the phytonutrients we need)
  2. improving the quality of our gut flora to include the right bugs in our microbiome (and NOT with probiotics)
  3. and just listening to our body’s needs (as some pregnant women do)

Before we make these adjustments, we crave sugars and fats and are driven to eat more simply because we are unconsciously desperate for phytonutrients which are missing from sweet, fatty foods. Unfortunately, they are also missing from modern fruits and vegetables.

LIFE tops up your nutritional needs and provides the food essentials missing from our modern diets which is why we call it Lyophilized (freeze-dried) Indigenous Food Essentials or LIFE.

Here’s a plan:

Start with just 5g of LIFE a day and see how much energy you get. All sorts of little niggles and those early signs of ageing are addressed. If you exercise, most people tell us they can train harder, have more stamina and recover more quickly than without LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials)™.

Just take a look at the ingredients in LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials)™,:

Australian wild food blend (Illawarra plum, rainforest lime, Kakadu plum, wild rosella, Davidson plum, anise myrtle, lemon myrtle, quandong, acacia resin, forestberry herb, 9 natural functional essential oils on wild crafted acacia gum, riberry, mountain pepper, sea vegetable and pepperberry), blackcurrant pomice (skins and seeds), coconut milk (casein-free), wild blueberries, blackberry, trehalose, apple core and skin fibre, pineapple core (standardized for bromelain content) and black pepper.

That’s 15 wild foods and 17 other global superfoods in the mix. Every single ingredient has volumes of benefits and decades of heavy scientific research behind it making it the epitome of intelligent nutrition.

Take trehalose for example. This good sugar was once thought to be rare and was only found in resurrection plants, mushrooms and a few micro-organisms but it is now considered to be ubiquitous in wild plants. Its role in our own metabolism is only just starting to be unraveled. Here is a paper on some of the parts Resurrection Sugar plays in our health.

You can buy a month’s supply of LIFE from this site now, to test it out for yourself. We can’t make direct claims because it is a food product and because each of us is in a different place biochemically speaking.

LIFE sachet and some wild fruits

I can say that you will have more energy, both mental and physical. The mind lift you will feel as better focus and concentration and a clarity that you probably haven’t had for years. Physically, most people tell us they lose the need for that afternoon ‘Nanna nap’ and you effectively reclaim your weekends. So if you are sleeping in on Saturday or Sunday or snoozing away all weekend trying to ‘catch up’ and just can’t make the best of your two days off by doing anything but sleeping, you need LIFE. After all, these 2 days is when we have the opportunity to spend quality time for and on ourselves.

Other health benefits include better looking skin, loss of carbohydrate cravings, improved gut health, easier weight maintenance and a general and noticeable lift in how you feel. If we boost our immune system with good nutrition and over-come the inflammatory effects of free radicals, poor diet, time stress and a lack of sleep, amazing things start to happen. LIFE can support you in better health due to the phytonutrients it delivers.

Here’s the deal:

The cost of a 150g sachet is less than $4 a day (which includes the Express Post delivery) and which is cheaper than a large coffee (that might not even be a good coffee) but does a whole lot more for you.

Take LIFE for a test run for a month. If you take it for 30 days, then stop and if you do not feel the effects from taking what can best be described as a SUPER-nutritional, then ring me on +61 0418 405 183 and I will grab your details and refund your product purchase price. Ask your supermarket, health food store or gym for that deal. For that matter, ask your doctor or other health professional for a refund if the toxic chemicals prescribed to you don’t work or cause undesirable side effects.

But I stand by my product. 30 days will allow some major changes in your biochemistry to start happening. If you know your blood pressure and blood glucose response before this trial, record it somewhere for a cross-check. Take a selfie of your face and notice the quality of your skin and hair before you start. Think about your eyesight and work out some measure of how good you can see now. Also take note of how you feel between 2:30 and 4pm. Are you full of energy or desperate to get some sleep?

Use the above criteria to assess what LIFE does for you after a month.

More About LIFE

Once described as the Fountain of Youth, LIFE is a mixture of fruits, herbs, spices, good sugars, aromatics and sources of soluble fibre.

Some of the ingredients act synergistically with others providing even more nutritional benefits collectively than if taking them on their own. Some of the fruits are finely milled to enhance absorption of the actives, others, including the herbs are less fine so that important antioxidant essential oils and in the case of LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials)™, the vitamin C capacity is preserved.

The strategy here is that larger, intact cells maintain the natural mechanisms that preserve the phytonutrients as in the whole plant parts. The removal of water from the lyophilization (freeze drying) process also helps to protect the valuable functional ingredients as does the good sugar, trehalose, which has a host of beneficial properties (did you download the whitepaper on Resurrection sugar?).

You will therefore notice some particulates when you prepare LIFE in water (or water and coconut milk or other fruit juices but not dairy) for consumption.

NEW LIFE Formula – use straight from the pack

The NEW LIFE FORMULA (now in a new white sachet and colour label). You can take 5g (a medium heaped teaspoonful) as a powder and follow it by a drink of water. It has a mild fizz (from the sherbet ingredients we add). You can also add the 5g to a small amount of water, stir and drink before rinsing the glass with more water and drinking that too. It's a fast nutritional booster.

The 5g a day might not seem like much but it works out to be around 50g in fresh weight terms. This might still not sound like much but considering that many phytonutrients in the individual foods can be from 6 to 50 times higher than in conventional fresh fruits and vegetables, it works out to a daily intake of an extra 300 to 2500g (yes, that’s 2.5kg!) of fresh fruit and functional herbs over and above your normal meals. And this is WITHOUT all the additional bad sugars (sucrose and fructose) that are now bred into our fresh produce.

I make a point to drink lots of water throughout the day and the 5g of LIFE I take twice a day (because I am treating some hereditary problems) helps tune up my biochemistry and slow down the effects of ageing. I take my LIFE before my late breakfast around midmorning and feel sufficiently satisfied that I don’t eat until dinnertime. Two meals a day are plenty for my marginally active job and my weight is effectively managed as are any carbohydrate cravings throughout the day. Besides, a take away lunch can cost $10 a day so I am better off using LIFE (even at twice the recommended maintenance dose).

It is an easy habit to acquire.

You can learn more about the benefits of wild foods at Wild Food Science

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