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LIFE – Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials™

LIFE: Intelligent Nutrition, Anti-ageing and the Fountain of YouthLook Out World – We are about to re-invent nutritional support but we need your financial support to do so. LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials™) is a new product that will start as a powdered version of Kakadu Complex® but with enhancements that will put this already impressive […]

Nearly half of the food we grow is wasted

Lots of interest in Fresher4Longer natural food rinse™ (and Herbal-Active®, our industrial name for the same product) since we won the Australian Food Industry Innovations Award for 2013. I have a few links to articles on the topic of food waste in the UK listed below. Here’s a way for all of us to benefit:consumers can save […]


RiberryFlavour – Cinnamon and clove flavour. Colour and Appearance – Pink/red, pear shape approx. 10-15mm in length. Typical uses – stir-frying, sauces, muffins, cakes and preserves. Also available in syrup as a riberry confit. Helpful hints – Will lose pink colour on cooking but will generally regain it on standing. Do not over-cook. Also available glaceed. Storage and Packaging Size –Frozen riberries: 1kg zip […]

HSN Cooks! Gourmet Grilling on the Home Shopping Network, USA

“HSN Cooks!” – so went the PR. “The Event is a 14-hour programming special on March 2 featuring tips, tools and advice provided in a fun and informative fashion from some of HSN’s top celebrity chefs. These culinary experts will present a vast array of quality kitchen and food products ranging from Todd English’s GreenPan cookware […]

Forest Peppermint

Forest PeppermintFlavour – menthol and peppermint flavour with lemon eucalyptus finish Colour and Appearance – a free-flowing light green powder Typical uses – desserts, particularly in ice cream and chocolate dishes and also as a seasoning for white meats and seafood Helpful hints – suggested use rate is around 0.2% (2g/1kg). Storage – cool and dark Packaging – 80g PET […]

Lemon aspen sweet chilli sauce

Flavour– Sweet citrusy flavour similar to a blend of grapefruit and lime with a hint of menthol enhanced with chilli Colour and Appearance– pale yellow, thick but flowing sauce with chilli flecks Typical uses– use as for any sweet chilli sauce Helpful hints– Do not use with other citrus juices as the flavour will dissipate. Suitable on salads […]

Paperbark smoke oil
Paperbark smoke oil Flavour – delicate smoke flavour of paperbark cooking Colour and Appearance – Transparent yellow oil Typical uses – as for infusion oils Helpful hints – Best used as a flavouring oil as for sesame seed or truffle oil. Storage and Packaging Sizes – Dry, 200ml stand up spouted pouches Paperbark smoke oil [...]
Wattleseed extract
Wattleseed extract Flavour – Coffee-chocolate-hazelnut Colour and Appearance – Dark brown, liquid Typical Uses – As for Wattleseed™ but just use with simple addition. Use as a flavouring for sweet or savoury sauces or in batters, desserts and baked foods. Use at 2-4% addition. Simply dilute with hot water and top with frothed milk to [...]
Lemon Aspen Syrup

Flavour – Sweet citrusy flavour similar to a blend of grapefruit and lime with a hint of menthol Colour and Appearance – Pale yellow, thick but flowing syrup. Typical uses – Use as a dessert flavouring or topping or as a meat glaze. Add white wine vinegar (around 25%) and then your choice of coriander (cilantro), basil, ginger, soy, wasabi […]

Mountain Pepper Sauce
Mountain Pepper Sauce Flavour – hot pepper and spice with a fruity finish Colour and Appearance – thick brown sauce colour Typical uses – for all BBQ and grilled meats, stir-fry dishes, eggs, sausages and as a marinade; use as a base adding tomato paste, paperbark or bluegum smoke oils; great with sour cream over [...]
Dining Downunder Cookbook by Vic Cherikoff and Benjamin Christie

Accompanying the popular Australian TV series, Dining Downunder, The Dining Downunder Cookbook is a journey of three chefs across Australia, cooking with indigenous ingredients and sharing their passion of an authentic Australian cuisine. With recipes and stories from the show, chefs Vic Cherikoff, Benjamin Christie and Mark McCluskey crank up the barbeque off the back of […]

Bush Tomato Chutney
Bush Tomato Chutney Flavour – Akudjura (ground bush tomato) used in a tomato and apple base. Colour and Appearance – Orange/red chutney with some ingredients diced for texture. Typical uses – Accompanies red meat, pies or vegetables. Embellish with chopped tomato and basil for ‘Bushetta’. Use as a pizza or pasta sauce. Helpful hints – [...]
Sugarbag (Native Australian honeybee)

Flavour– Honey and mellow port flavour. Thin consistency. Typical uses– Enhanced with cream or in ice-cream or simply use as a drizzle. Helpful hints– Use cold to maximise the flavour which disappears with heat. Sugarbag is made by native Australian, stingless, black bees which are about 5mm in size. Primarily due to habitat destruction, this bee is […]

Lemon Myrtle Oil
Lemon Myrtle Oil Flavour – Lemon and lime oil and lemon grass flavour. Colour and Appearance – Transparent pale yellow oil. Typical uses – Flavour cream, milk, oil, vinegar or stock for desserts, sauces, dressings and soups. Helpful hints – Flavour dissipates on heating so best used as a post-cooking flavouring at 2 to 4 [...]
Native Peppermint Oil
Native Peppermint Oil Flavour – Primary peppermint flavour with a woody eucalyptus note. Colour and Appearance – Transparent pale yellow fluid. Typical uses – Flavour cream, milk, oil, vinegar or stock for desserts, sauces, dressings. Helpful hints – Use at 2 to 4 drops per litre of product. Storage and Packaging Sizes – Dry, 125ml [...]
Macadamia Nut Oil

Flavour– World famous rich oily nut. Colour and Appearance– Transparent yellow oil. Typical uses– Salad oil, dressings, pasta flavouring. Helpful hints– Best used as a flavouring oil as for sesame seed oil. Storage and Packaging Sizes– Dry 2 litre bottlesDiscover the functional (nutritional, antimicrobial, culinary or cosmetic) uses of the wild resources of the world’s longest living culture.

Aniseed Myrtle Oil

Aniseed Myrtle OilFlavour – Subtle pernod-like aniseed flavour with a sweet after taste. Colour and Appearance – Transparent pale yellow fluid. Typical Use – Flavour cream, milk, oil, vinegar or stock for desserts, sauces, dressings. Suits apricot and pear flavours. Particularly good in ice-cream. Helpful hints – Flavour dissipates on heating so best used as a post-cooking flavouring at 2 to 4 […]

Native Pepperberry (ground)

Flavour – A bushy spice with a very hot peppery zing. Colour and Appearance – Dark free-flowing powder which bleeds burgundy in sauces esp. cream. Typical uses – As an Australian substitute for pepper but with a distinctive unique flavour. Helpful hints – Use sparingly at around 0.1% (1g/kg) or less. Suitable for table use as for black pepper. Storage and Packaging Sizes […]

Pepperberries (frozen – whole)

Flavour – A bushy flavour with a hot peppery zing from the seeds. Colour and Appearance – Smaller than a pea and larger than a peppercorn. Round and deep purple. Typical uses – As a flavour or garnish, add to sauces, butter, bread, pasta, game meats. Helpful hints – Bleeds a light burgundy colour into cream sauces. Contrasts well with sweet corn […]

Wylde Thyme

Wylde ThymeFlavour – similar to a combination of tarragon, thyme and rosemary Colour and Appearance – a fine, free-flowing, light green powder Typical uses – soups, stuffings, herb bread, quiches, omelettes and vegetable seasonings Helpful hints – Suggested use rate is around 0.5% (5g/1kg) as for traditional thyme. Storage and *Packaging – store cool and dark or refrigerate, 100g PET jar and 160g Food […]