Lots of interest in Fresher4Longer natural food rinse™ (and Herbal-Active®, our industrial name for the same product) since we won the Australian Food Industry Innovations Award for 2013.

I have a few links to articles on the topic of food waste in the UK listed below.

Here’s a way for all of us to benefit:

  • consumers can save money eating more healthy food that lasts
  • environmentalists appreciate the better use of soil, water and other production inputs
  • farmers can profit from long life produce and better use of their farmland and other resources
  • chefs can reduce the costs of food waste AND serve safer food which is becoming more important as we grow older as a population
  • we all benefit from healthier food produced and distributed more efficiently

There are the soil nutrients, water, fertilizers, agricultural chemicals, fuel, time and effort wasted on produce that’s grown and never gets to market.

This might be produce that never leaves the farm or rots in the wholesalers’ hands or in the home. The sad fact is that in Australia, the US and UK and probably most developed countries, nearly half the produce that is grown, is wasted.

See this link on the issue

And what generally happens to food waste? In Australia a small proportion might get composted but the bulk of it goes into land fill sites along with toxic chemicals, putrefying animal matter and plastic, metal and wooden solid wastes. This gets buried and is generally out of sight, out of mind for decades or longer. Clearly it is inappropriate for agriculture so the nutrients may only be recycled in geologic time.

Now with Governments around the world beginning to think of food security and inane calls to farmers to double their output, shouldn’t we be asking some hard questions?

I know of lots of farmers who are asking why should they grow more when they are having trouble selling what they produce already. So much produce never reaches the market because the supermarkets demand uneconomic prices or unreasonable quality (reflecting what consumers want) or advertising and promotional support that makes the whole farming venture a joke.

But even for smart growers who might have tapped into export markets or been clever to carve out a niche for their products, the perishable nature of fresh produce is a ticking bomb. Plant. Pray. Grow. Pick. Grade. Pack. Freight. Deliver. Refund what rots. These all take precious time and a quantity of delicate greens or berries which sit on a hot, airport tarmac for too long in summer temperatures can transform food to compost in hours.

Well. our award-winning natural antimicrobial, Herbal-Active® may just be the answer.

In fact, sales of Fresher4Longer natural food rinse™ suggests that us consumers are fed up with paying good money for produce that all but rots on the way home from the store. Even if you want more compost this is an expensive way to get some.

Those delectable cherries that look appealing in the greengrocer but look really tired the next day. Evidence of mold growth on some berries and others looking bruised and soft with darker patches on the surface and you know they are destined for the compost before ever contributing to your nutrition.

Squash, melons, greens, cucumbers … the list goes on. All these foods go moldy way too fast. But they don’t need to.

We can stop produce deteriorating – naturally. Watch this video and you’ll see how it works. Please note that the product in the pouch is Herbal-Active® but we have re-labeled the packed product as Fresher4Longer™ for retail sale. This way the brand tells the buyer what it is all about.

Links to recent stories in the UK:

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