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  • Kakadu plum powder, freeze dried
  • LIFE Weightloss System – A Month’s Supply
    The LIFE Weightloss System is an extremely effective program that guarantees easy and permanent weight loss in anyone who follows the system. It is based in part, on the popular and proven Dukan Diet developed by French MD, Dr Pierre Dukan. Some 5 million people have used the diet in France alone and worldwide the number is many times this.
    Brand: Vic Cherikoff
    Manufacturer: Vic Cherikoff
    Model: Vic Cherikoff
    Product ID: LIFEWSR01
    $190.00 New


  • Rainforest Mist (80g) (up to 250 x 1 sec sprays)
    Rainforest Mist by Vic Cherikoff is powered with extracts from four rainforest superfoods renown for their active principles: Vic’s research in the 1980s proved that the Kakadu plum is the world’s highest fruit source of vitamin C but that is not the whole story about this superfood. It also contains folates, iron and other polyphenolic antioxidants each supporting the other to provide a huge synergistic benefit for your immune system.
    Product ID: RMR01
  • Our Mountain pepper BBQ sauce is the same recipe as the product we launched in the USA called Kakadu Wildfire Pepper sauce. We have merely packaged it in soft, food grade spouted pouches to reduce the freight cost and risk of breakages for on-line orders.