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We stock and produce a range of wild food products packed for retail via our on-line store. This includes Wattleseed, Australian herbs and spices, Bush tomato chutney, wild fruit confits, Paperbark smoke oil and other infused oils, our super-nutritional we call LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials) and Fresher4Longer, our natural antimicrobial.

These ingredients and others allow creative cooks and home chefs to develop an authentic Australian cuisine with classically Australian dishes as a spin on meals you might make regularly. A simple replacement or embellishment to a roast dinner, lunchtime meal, morning tea, breakfast, snack or dessert using one or more of our wild food ingredients can transform the familiar into a new taste sensation and a new favourite meal.

Download a copy of our Australian menu Planning Guide for ideas.

We have also kept the cooking show series made back in the naughties and called Dining Downunder for more ideas and a little light entertainment. Click the link to the 13 part series (which actually aired in 48 countries way back when wild foods were still new to the modern kitchen).

Use the categories in the Retail section to the left to browse our on-line store and we hope that you enjoy the experience and the dishes you create. Please share any great meals with us on our Facebook page.

    • Turmeric is all the rave these days and most people are also aware that we need activated turmeric for it to be absorbed. Without being activated, less than 3% of the turmeric you may consume has any chance of being absorbed.

      activated turmeric as an anti-inflammatory functional food

    • Alpine pepper is a carefully considered formulation of the peppery leaves and fruits of a high country wild pepper found in the mountains of Tasmania. The fiery leaves get draped in snow in the winter and blasted by Antarctic winds which sweep the icy valleys where this tough plant grows.

    • Aussie Furikaki is the first seasoning we have created with a distinctive cultural twist – Japanese. Furikaki (or furikake) is a Japanese condiment typically made with seaweeds and sprinkled over rice.

    • Six Australian herb and spice seasonings to refill your Australian Herbs, Spices and Seasonings Canisters. Each pack includes one each of Alpine Pepper – 30g Oz Lemon – 30g Fruit Spice – 30g Wildfire Spice – 40g Red Desert Dust – 40g Rainforest Rub – 40g All packed in stand up, resealable pouches. Please note that the individual packs are available at US$6.20 or A$8.20 each. We recommend storing the sachets in your refrigerator or freezer or transfer the contents to your canister set and that will protect the herbs from spoilage by light.

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    • We have chefs giving us glowing reports on our Paperbark Smoke Skew saying that this is the best way to get a subtle smoke flavour into food without cooking it twice and drying it out.

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    • Treat someone special (or simply yourself!) to a little luxury with our delicious Australian Wild Food Gourmet Gift Package. The Australian Wild Food Gourmet Gift Package offers a wide variety of authentic Australian foods and flavours to include in your cooking.

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    • Bluegum smoke oil is a naturally derived flavour designed to add that special taste of Australia to grilled meats, roasted vegetables and any dish where a subtle hint of the Australian BBQ can enhance, tempt and tantalize. Bluegum smoke oil is a complementary product to Paperbark smoke oil and while paperbark has a full smoke taste, just like baking food wrapped in paperbark, Bluegum smoke oil is more reminiscent of a backyard BBQ. It has a more subtle impact yet is clean and distinctive and quite unlike the harsher wood smokes of mesquite or hickory commonly used in American cuisine.

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    • Now in a 250g or 8.8oz glass jar for your convenience. Bush tomato chutney is one of our most popular products with chefs in restaurants and catering on the airlines using it as it comes or making a version of my recipe for what I call ‘Bushetta’. This is toasted slices of a French stick either spread with Alpine pepper butter or better still, made with Alpine pepper bread. Then the Bush tomato chutney is prepared by mixing equal quantities of the chutney with finely chopped tomato. I leave the skin on for texture but remove the seeds and juice unless using heirloom tomatoes as available in the US. To flavour the mixture I add torn fresh basil and a generous sprinkle of Yakajirri – a new product about to be added to our store next week. Top the bread slices with the mix and serve with antipasto.

    • Our Crushed Garlic Skew delivers a strong garlic hit as a clean, fresh garlic flavour.

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    • Davidson plums are super sour and brilliant crimson on colour. We balance the sourness with just enough sweetness to reveal the true character of this dramatic fruit. The organic acids which make the juice so tart are still very much present making this syrup ideal as a garnish and finishing sauce for ice cream, baked desserts, chocolate in its many forms and fruit salads. However, this syrup can also suit many savoury applications. Add some wasabi or ginger, garlic or freshly cut and mashed herbs such as coriander (cilantro) or basil and even a little red wine vinegar and the uses expand.

    • Accompanying the popular Australian TV series, Dining Downunder™, The Dining Downunder Cookbook is a journey of three chefs across Australia, looking at our contemporary Australian cuisine, cooking with indigenous ingredients and sharing their passion of an authentic Australian food style.

    • Subtle Pernod-like aniseed flavour with a sweet aftertaste. A fine light green powder which can still provide texture in biscuits and cakes. Use with white meats as a sprinkle, mixed in stuffing or part of a stock seasoning. Add to desserts (eg. ice cream), cream cheese or bread. Extremely versatile flavouring. Oils are volatile and can dissipate with heat so best added as a post-preparation seasoning or cold-formulated. Use at around 0.5% (5g/kg) addition.