About Us

Forager, Nutritional Scientist, Entrepreneur ...

Hi, I'm Vic Cherikoff

Vic Cherikoff with Kakadu plums

While we have been supplying the food service industry for over 20 years (see Australian Functional Ingredients P/L), this is our most recent foray into a retail range.

We are committed to stocking only the highest quality products which are made unique and special because of their use of wild Australian ingredients. We hope that not only will you love these products but that you will also refer them to others who will appreciate the best flavours that Australia is beginning to offer.

Our suppliers, including remote community Aborigines as well as non-Aboriginal foragers, growers and farmers, have grown with our needs in terms of quality and post-harvest handling. However, please realize that these are still rare ingredients, only just being introduced to global markets. Therefore, while our customers can always be comforted in knowing we have done all the ground work in relation to quality, supply will be limited (in comparison to commodity foodstuffs) and so your chance to experience these wonderful flavours is essentially a step into the future of Australian food.