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Flavour-infused oils

Naturally derived infused oils made from steam distilled essential oils and other herb and spice extracts including Bluegum smoke oil; Paperbark smoke oil, Gumleaf oil (food grade eucalyptus), Lemon myrtle sprinkle, Forest Peppermint, Mintbush, Forest anise and more.

We even offer them in a vegetable oil carrier or as soluble oils bound onto Acacia gum. These make adding our flavours to food as easy as it can be.

Even some savoury flavours lend themselves to unusual applications in ice creams and gelato.


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    • Bluegum smoke oil is a naturally derived flavour designed to add that special taste of Australia to grilled meats, roasted vegetables and any dish where a subtle hint of an Australian BBQ can enhance, tempt and tantalize. Bluegum smoke oil is a complementary product to Paperbark smoke oil which imparts a taste just like baking food wrapped in paperbark, Bluegum smoke oil is more reminiscent of a backyard BBQ. It has a more subtle impact yet is clean and distinctive and quite unlike the harsher wood smokes of mesquite or hickory commonly used in American cuisine.

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    • A very Australian flavour oil which is often used in combination with honey. However, other complementary flavours include other aromatic ingredients eg garlic, caramel, smoke, many herbs, ginger, to name a few. The important point in using Gumleaf oil is that tasting it several times in a row will deaden your taste for the oil and while it may appear to be lightly flavoured, for anyone tasting it for the first time, it will be over-powering.

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    • This infused oil is powered by essential oils from lemon myrtle, anise myrtle and rainforest lime oil. It is prepared as an extra strength formulation to introduce minimum quantity for maximum impact. Ideal for chocolate making, fine desserts, adding a top note to sweet or savory sauces and dressings and even adding the characteristic lemon, lime, lemongrass notes to seasonings, stuffing, pre-dust and coatings.

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    • Paperbark smoke oil is a delicious flavour oil used in the same ways as truffle oil only even more versatile. It is ideal for any meat, fish, shellfish, vegetable (try it over roasted sweet corn on the cob), eggs, rice, mash, condiment, dressing in fact, any dish that a subtle hint of smoke can enhance. Try a seeded mustard made interestingly smoked with just a dash of paperbark smoke oil. Whisk some in to your favorite sauce. It even works in a basic custard or how about some paperbark smoked ice cream?

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