Freeze-dried superfoods

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  • The super-sour Davidson plums, freeze- dried are also a super-concentrated source of organic acids, anthocyanin antioxidants and other micronutrients making the slices or the powder we supply, super-healthy for you.

    Davidson plums, freeze dried
  • Fingerlimes, freeze dried
  • Illawarra plums, freeze dried
  • Kakadu plum, freeze dried
    There is now global interest in the Kakadu plum (a.k.a. Kalari plum) some 32 years after I confirmed the high vitamin C content and published the results in the scientific annals. More recently, vitamin C content (and all the other vitamins) has been recognized as an inadequate measure of antioxidant activity and vitamin capacity is the new, accepted measure of efficacy. This broadens our understanding of the biochemical reactions in which any single ‘alphabet’ vitamin is involved.

  • Freeze dried Rainforest limes

    Freeze-dried Rainforest limes come as slices or powder and can be used in a wide range of applications. The intense lime flavour provides a great flavouring or garnish to many savoury recipes, beverages, cakes and pastries. We also offer a versatile Rainforest lime confit and a lime puree.

  • Riberry whole, freeze dried
  • Wild rosella, whole, freeze dried