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Forest Peppermint

Forest Peppermint Flavour – menthol and peppermint flavour with lemon eucalyptus finish Colour and Appearance – a free-flowing light green powder Typical uses – desserts, particularly in ice cream and chocolate dishes and also as a seasoning for white meats and seafood Helpful hints – suggested use rate is around 0.2% (2g/1kg). Storage – cool [...]

Folly as Neil Perry foils a fish

Folly as Neil Perry foils a fish I copied this article on aluminium foil over from my blogspot site since it has generated a lot of comment from the industry. It seems that few people have actually thought about the consequences of cooking in foil and the safety issues surrounding the material. It absolutely amazes [...]

Lemon aspen sweet chilli sauce

Lemon aspen sweet chilli sauce Flavour – Sweet citrusy flavour similar to a blend of grapefruit and lime with a hint of menthol enhanced with chilli Colour and Appearance – pale yellow, thick but flowing sauce with chilli flecks Typical uses – use as for any sweet chilli sauce Helpful hints – Do not use [...]

Paperbark smoke oil

Paperbark smoke oil Flavour – delicate smoke flavour of paperbark cooking Colour and Appearance – Transparent yellow oil Typical uses – as for infusion oils Helpful hints – Best used as a flavouring oil as for sesame seed or truffle oil. Storage and Packaging Sizes – Dry, 200ml stand up spouted pouches Paperbark smoke oil [...]

Business Strategy

Business Strategy There are some interesting developments afoot in the authentic Australian food industry and some marketers hoping to ride the trend. Some strategic alliances building business We will soon be rolling out a promotional campaign announcing a new strategic alliance with an Australian family restaurant chain. The early menu testing has had fantastic results [...]

Follow the white radish …

Follow the white radish ... Something out of the Matrix here. Things are rarely what they seem, especially when government gets involved. I’ve copied a story by Robert Carmack who, along with Morrison Polkinghorne, has an ezine which I highly recommend called The Globetrotting Gourmet. A world first in standardizing Asian vegetable names has come [...]

Wattleseed extract

Wattleseed extract Flavour – Coffee-chocolate-hazelnut Colour and Appearance – Dark brown, liquid Typical Uses – As for Wattleseed but just use with simple addition. Use as a flavouring for sweet or savoury sauces or in batters, desserts and baked foods. Use at 2-4% addition. Simply dilute with hot water and top with frothed milk to [...]

Lemon Aspen Syrup

Lemon Aspen Syrup Flavour – Sweet citrusy flavour similar to a blend of grapefruit and lime with a hint of menthol Colour and Appearance – Pale yellow, thick but flowing syrup. Typical uses – Use as a dessert flavouring or topping or as a meat glaze. Add white wine vinegar (around 25%) and then your [...]

Mountain Pepper Sauce

Mountain Pepper Sauce Flavour – hot pepper and spice with a fruity finish Colour and Appearance – thick brown sauce colour Typical uses – for all BBQ and grilled meats, stir-fry dishes, eggs, sausages and as a marinade; use as a base adding tomato paste, paperbark or bluegum smoke oils; great with sour cream over [...]

Dining Downunder Cookbook by Vic Cherikoff and Benjamin Christie

Dining Downunder Cookbook by Vic Cherikoff and Benjamin Christie Accompanying the popular Australian TV series, Dining Downunder, The Dining Downunder Cookbook is a journey of three chefs across Australia, cooking with indigenous ingredients and sharing their passion of an authentic Australian cuisine. With recipes and stories from the show, chefs Vic Cherikoff, Benjamin Christie and [...]

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