Flavour – Mountain pepper has a bushy or woody character with a hot zing somewhere between pepper and chilli.

Colour and Appearance – It is a free-flowing light olive green powder.

Typical Use – Mountain pepper can be used as a seasoning as for conventional pepper or as a flavouring in breads, butter, sauces or even desserts but these days it has largely been replaced by Alpine pepper for the reasons given below.

Helpful hints – Cook Mountain pepper in to impart woody character. Heat removes a little of the zing which can be re-introduced with an additional finishing seasoning. Use at around 0.5% (5g/1kg)

Storage – Cool and dark

Packaging – 100g PET jars, 1kg bags

NOTE: Mountain pepper has largely been replaced by the superior blend we call Alpine Pepper, which is easier to use, has a stronger more impactful taste from encapsulated pepperleaf extract and is more versatile with its complement of fruity notes from the pepperberries and sumac.

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