Herbal-Active is transported at ambient temperatures although we recommend storing the received product either cool and dark or even frozen for longer shelf life.

Our efficacy  tests have demonstrated no loss of activity even after 5 years of frozen storage.

Available Options:

Please contact us should you have any microbial challenges in your product or premises.

Herbal-Active® is an ideal natural replacement for chemical preservatives and does not need restricted storage area, positive release, extreme care in handling nor the problems of waste handling or spill management.

Not only is Herbal-Active® a natural antimicrobial but more than 95% is wild-crafted and organic and the culinary essential oils we use are pesticide and residue-free.

Herbal-Active® is also classed as a natural flavour and so at the working strength of 1% is safe on skin and soft tissues. For the regulators, we do state that a Maximum Residual Level on finished products is 30,000ppm or 3%, which is effectively impossible.

Herbal-Active® is used at 1% in eye, throat and cut skin products and only the dry concentrate needs as much care as gums, flours and such.

List of ingredient label inclusion on your finished product may be unnecessary if the Herbal-Active® is used as a processing aid. If added as an ingredient, it can be described as ‘natural flavours from culinary herbs and spices’ or ‘natural flavours from food grade essential oils’ or similar.


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