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The Greenhouse Effect is Degrading our Food

Maybe we do not need to worry too much about our rising population and that we are now using 1.6 planet's worth of resources every year. Our own folly will sort things out as agricultural crops fail, massive storms wipe out wide areas of housing, industry and farmland (and unfortunately, wild areas as well), we [...]

The Best Diet

The Best Diet Dietary Choices and Choices of Diets We all know that the next diet is probably in preparation as you read this blog and will add to the plethora of diets of the past. These include celebrity diets (who'd listen to an actor for long term nutritional advice); or a particular doctor's diet [...]

A Comment on Changing What We Taste in Food

A Comment on Changing What We Taste in Food This post of mine is a reply to a story about changing the tastes we perceive as we eat and the work being done to see if changing what we taste can lead to healthier food choices. I posted this in the journal's comment section but I tend [...]

An update on Herbal-Active® – a natural preservative

An update on Herbal-Active® - a natural preservative This email is an update on Herbal-Active®, a new natural preservative beginning to replace benzoates and sorbates in a wide range of foodstuffs and cosmetics. Natural preservatives pose a host of challenges in developing their application potential. As with chemical preservatives, the presence or absence of organic [...]

Lifestyle medicine by Dr David Katz

A presentation by Dr David Katz et al I recently attended a terrific series of presentations on Lifestyle Medicine which featured Dr David Katz (President, American Collage of Lifestyle Medicine), Prof Stephen Simpson (Charles Perkins Centre), Prof Garry Egger (Southern Cross Uni), Dr Joanna McMillan (Get Lean) and Anja Taylor (presenter on Catalyst, ABC TV). [...]

Wild Foods, we need more of them

Wild Foods, we need more of them Lots of layers in this topic. There is no doubt that we should be eating more wild foods as they supply an enormous range of components that are being bred out of our conventional produce. Read more about this at the Wild Foods website. But I'd like to [...]

Wild food dinner in the ‘Gong

Wild food dinner in the 'Gong Come along and say Hi .... 5 Course Degustation Menu in the 'Gong I will be in Wollongong Friday night on the 15th April at the City Beach Function Centre, 1 Marine Drive Wollongong. Read more about the event here where you can also make your reservation. It is [...]

Freeze-Dried (Lyophilized) Wild Fruits

New Products - Freeze-dried Wild Fruits Our new freeze-drier is now fully up and running. We are producing a range of freeze-dried (lyophilized) wild fruits for chocolate coating, snack foods, breakfast cereals etc. The range includes riberries, rainforest limes, Illawarra plums, finger limes, Davidson plums, wild rosellas and of course, our star product; the Kakadu [...]

How to Start the Year Without a Santa Belly

How to Start a New Year Without a Santa Belly Weight loss is a multi-million dollar business. It is a growing industry (if you'll excuse the pun). As our food quality falls and we breed more produce that's sweeter (from sucrose) or starchier, juicier, lower in fibre, more nutritionally dilute we get more obese and [...]

Does Fructose Make Me Look Fat In This?

Does Fructose Make Me Look Fat In This? Interesting to see the mainstream press slowly cottoning on to the fact that fructose is a bad sugar in the same way as trans-fats and low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol are bad fats. From my own research into sucrose and the deleterious effects of the fructose within [...]

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