Wild Foods by Vic Cherikoff


The sub-title for my newest book is: Looking back 60,000 years for clues to our future survival. Are the foods we source from supermarkets or even growers’ markets really providing the nutritional requirements we need to maintain good health? Wild Foods explores the consequences of eating a modern diet sprayed with pesticides, engineered for distribution and lacking in essential dietary fibre, proteins and micro-nutrients. You will find how wild foods can correct the imbalance and help us reach our ideal health.

Do you seek better health, a robust immune system, to age more slowly and live a long, high quality life? In this book, you’ll discover a myriad of wild plants that will boost your health because they are more nutritionally dense and have recognized healing and protective benefits. Many wild fruits are becoming known for their anti-microbial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

Wild Foods can be described a journey back over 60,000 years to evaluate how Indigenous Australians have been able to claim a record as the world’s longest living culture. Their survival over millennia, their encyclopedic information recall, their abilities as polyglots, their intimate relationship with their Land, the foods and animals as well as with one another are all suggestive of a superior nutritional intake over what we can hope from our modern diet. This book considers some of what we might need to learn from these ancient people and hopefully build a deeper respect for their culture and discover a solution to the current epidemic of nutritional diseases.

If good health is important to you then you can’t do better than to introduce some wild foods into your daily diet. This book shows you which foods, how best to use them and details why you should.

The Wild Foods book is fully supported with its own website https://wildfoodscience.com and each chapter is expanded and updated as new information comes to hand.

Table of Contents

Follow each chapter link for more information.Introduction
Chapter 1: Wild Foods, Wild Humans and Wild Ways

Chapter 2: Food Now and Then

Chapter 3: It’s More Than Just What We Eat

Chapter 4: A Wild Food Menu 

Chapter 5: The 12 Tastes in Wild Foods as a Guide to Cooking with Them

Chapter 6: An Evolutionary Paradigm of our Relationship to Land

Chapter 7: Are Wild Foods really that much better for us?
Chapter 8: Plants with predicted potential as new food species
Chapter 9: Health Attributes of Indigenous Australian Plants by Izabela Konczak