ChancaPlus, Chanca piedra with Australian wild foods



Calcium salts which include calcium oxalate, calcium urate, calcium phosphate and calcium cholesterol are commonly deposited in our soft tissues and blood vessels. This as due to our modern diet as we rely on fewer and fewer food species, on food fragments and as we consume lots of calcium from pharmaceuticals, bakery preservatives, dairy products, sesame seed products (eg tahini) and high oxalate leafy greens (spinach, silverbeet), miso soup, French fries, sweet potatoes … the list goes on.

Chanca piedra has a long history of use among a range of traditional cultures from Ayurvedic Indians on the subcontinent to Peruvian Indians in the Amazon. The herb has many applications for health maintenance but its ability to gelatinize calcium deposits makes it a sort of a soft tissue rust remover.

We recommend 2 capsules daily as a way to de-rust and also to support a healthy calcium-magnesium balance.

ChancaPlus™ can also be used on a 3 monthly program on-going. Every quarter, do a system clean up by taking 4 capsules every 8 hours for 36 hours and drinking lots of water over this period.

Chanca piedra has a host of other benefits too and more information is contained in this pdf: A short history of uses of Chanca piedra.

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