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The dairy industry has been disguising the truth from us in saying that calcium is essential for healthy teeth and bones yet we all know elderly folk who have consumed dairy products their whole lives yet break bones from even a simple fall. The reality is that we are swamped in calcium. It can’t get into our bones unless we have an active, absorbable, effective form of magnesium to activate vitamin D which only then stores calcium in our teeth and bones. This also reduces the risk of calcium deposits in our soft tissues, in arteries and veins, in ducts and organs as stones. Magnesium is crucial in balancing calcium intake and we consume far too much calcium and insufficient magnesium.

But magnesium does so much more. It is part of the energy molecule, ATP, and without this magnesium-bound ‘fuel’ we will feel physically tired, mentally overwhelmed or suffer a wide range of things from moodiness, migraines, muscle cramps, twitches, restless legs, poor blood glucose control, insulin resistance. All these varied conditions are because magnesium is essential for over 325 enzyme reactions and 600 biochemical pathways all up – reactions that power our lives.

And be sure to download our information sheet on Why magnesium is so important to our health (and survival)

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Karuah Active Magnesium

Ingredients: pumpkin seed meal, sunflower seed meal, lemon myrtle, anise myrtle, black pepper, activated shiitake mushrooms

*** Here is a frustration alert!!! ***

I recently went to find a pre-prepared nut milk and raked over the shelves and pack information on milks made from almond, cashew, nut and soy blends. Horror!

All but one organic brand had calcium added and the organic one had soy milk with calcium added. WE DON”T NEED THIS MUCH CALCIUM!!! In fact, FAR more people taking calcium supplements suffer cardiac events such as strokes and heart attacks than break bones as they age.

It’s magnesium that we need … and lots of it.

The nut milk manufacturers have been misled by the dairy industry in the same way as they have misled the medical fraternity and the ignorant, industry-led governments that approve and say nothing negative about the falling nutritional value of all our produce.

Magnesium is essential for over 600 biochemical reactions in our body and a vital co-factor (accelerator) in over 325 enzyme run reactions.

My routine way of taking Karuah Active Magnesium is in a smoothie:

Nut milk from almond cowI start with my own nut milk made in a gadget called an Almond Cow which comes from the USA and I highly recommend.

Then add 250ml nut milk (my favourite at the moment is almond meal, cashew nuts and dessicated coconut -no soaking needed so it is fast) to a large cup.

Add a high quality, pure, dark cocoa powder, say a heaped teaspoonful. I like the dark cocoa powder marketed under Nestle’s Plaistowe brand which is easy to find in supermarkets in the cake ingredients section, usually on the bottom shelf.

This adds more magnesium and some PQQ which is too long to spell out but suffice to say, it is really good for your energy-powerhouses, the mitochondria, which are in most of our cells. Add a scoop of Karuah Active Magnesium and I add about a level teaspoonful of Raw Earth’s Monkfruit, stevia and erythritol sugar-free sweetener then I mix it all to wet the powders before using an appropriate whisk to blend it to a smooth, thick-shake.

If you are a LIFE devotee, add your heaped teaspoonful of this too for the phytonutrients it contains and I will generally add a medium heaped teaspoonful of Karuah ChancaPlus™ as well. The ChancaPlus™ de-rusts my system (not making any claims here).

This makes the perfect late morning brunch or midday lunch.

It is impossible to be precise as to the ideal amount for each of us as our diets, activity, fitness level and existing magnesium:calcium balance will vary. Start with 1 scoop daily, add the odd extra at the other end of the day and see how it goes. If you suffer from night-time cramps, try Karuah Active Magnesium at least a few hours before bedtime.

Each scoop delivers 100mg of magnesium and so at least 1 scoop a day is a wise addition to a healthy diet.

Incidentally, those magnesium ‘supplements’ that come as tablets claim to provide 200mg of elemental magnesium when if fact, recent studies show absorption rates as low as 20% so you are only getting 40mg of inactivated, inorganic magnesium from their ‘recommended’ dose. Most of the magnesium in the blends comes from magnesium oxide which is like eating rust (iron oxide) and expecting to get your iron requirement from it. The tricks of the scantly regulated supplement industry.

In comparison, our whole food, magnesium-rich product is so much more beneficial and so 1 scoop a day is generally enough for you to get real benefits from the boosted magnesium intake. Please note that the 2 scoop recommendation on the kg pouches will be modified soon and in the meantime, one pouch is effectively 2 month’s supply of daily doses of magnesium.

Food Facts: Karuah Active Magnesium can be added to biscuits, pancakes, cakes, rissoles, sauces, soups, dressings, used as a crumb or sprinkled over cereals or desserts. I like it stirred into a glass of nut milk of any kind, eg coconut, almond, cashew or blends of nuts. Check the labels as some nut milks are fortified with calcium which is totally unnecessary, as we now know. Pure, unadulterated almond milk has near-zero calcium. Avoid dairy milk. It is best for calves, not people and then only for 6 weeks of their early lives. Excessive calcium intakes also increase the elimination of magnesium so it is worse for us than most of us realize.


May contain traces of tree nuts and sesame seeds which are packed on the same equipment.

This product is a functional food and is not intended to treat, cure or mitigate disease. Always consult your health career if you are on medication or if you get any side effects.