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    • We have chefs giving us glowing reports on our Paperbark Smoke Skew saying that this is the best way to get a subtle smoke flavour into food without cooking it twice and drying it out.

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    • Make the most of the fresh produce you buy and ensure not just the maximum shelf life but the highest quality of food safety too. Naturally sanitize your fruits, vegetables and protein foods using a mix of natural culinary herb extracts. We ship this product as a concentrate with the essential oil components bound onto Acacia gum. The pouch of what are simply natural flavours comes ready to be made up to a full litre (33 fl oz) with blood-warm (tepid) water to make a dipping solution for fruits, vegetables, salad greens, fresh herbs, sprouts and any meats and seafood. It is even effective at slowing the ripening of soft cheeses and will extend the life of cut flowers.