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riberry fruit confit

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    • Riberry confit (packed in 2kg pouches or 250g jars) is an Australian rainforest fruit confit. It has an amazingly aromatic, cinnamon and clove flavour and is great as a garnish for almost any stir-fry dish, salad, dessert or served with chocolate mousse or coconut yoghurt. Try riberry confit with a good Australian soft cheese, some baked ricotta or a classic Australian cheese plate. There’s nothing as impactful as a chocolate dessert with riberry confit either in the middle or as a garnish. Even though the riberries are preserved with a sugaring process (low fructose) and are obviously sweetened, they are also good in salads and stir-fries or over meat. Try riberry confit in a mushroom risotto. Remember, you can always reduce the sweetness by adding a little top quality, red wine vinegar.

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