Wattleseed and Wattleseed extract


Australia’s best Wattleseed is produced by Vic Cherikoff who invented the product back in 1984 by over-roasting seeds once only eaten by Australian Aborigines. Wattleseed is roasted in a similar way to coffee but with a particular temperature profile, then specially ground to produce a highly versatile and nutritious flavouring. We describe Wattleseed as having a flavour combination of coffee, chocolate and hazelnut (filbert).


Available as ground Wattleseed or as a Wattleseed Extract (Wattleseed Essence), both can be used in sauces, desserts (particularly ice cream and pavlova), rubs and coatings or as a coffee substitute, although there are hundreds of ways to use Wattleseed. For something different, try Wattleseed extract added to whipped cream to give it a pale brown colour and top your coffee with some.


Vic Cherikoff’s Spice Notes on Wattleseed 

Suggested recipes using Wattleseed

Wattleseed pavlova

Wattleseed and Walnut bread and butter pudding with stewed fruits

Wattleseed pancakes with riberry confit

Wattleseed crocodile with riberry confit

Ribeye steak with broccolini, shitake mushrooms and wattleseed jus

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    • Wattleseed is also available in 200g jars as well as a 200ml extract see Wattleseed 200g or Wattleseed Extract. Wattleseed is a highly versatile and nutritious roasted grain (Acacia seeds) with an amazing coffee, chocolate, hazelnut flavour.

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