Herbs, spices, specialty blends

We tailor make products for particular applications eg rubs, marinades, preserved fruits, essential oil blends, blended smoke flavours and more.

This ensures that as a consumer, you are getting high quality seasonings which best represent the wild ingredients they contain.


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    • Alpine pepper is a carefully considered formulation of the peppery leaves and fruits of a high country wild pepper found in the mountains of Tasmania. The fiery leaves get draped in snow in the winter and blasted by Antarctic winds which sweep the icy valleys where this tough plant grows.

    • Aussie Furikaki is the first seasoning we have created with a distinctive cultural twist – Japanese. Furikaki (or furikake) is a Japanese condiment typically made with seaweeds and sprinkled over rice.

    • Subtle Pernod-like aniseed flavour with a sweet aftertaste. A fine light green powder which can still provide texture in biscuits and cakes. Use with white meats as a sprinkle, mixed in stuffing or part of a stock seasoning. Add to desserts (eg. ice cream), cream cheese or bread. Extremely versatile flavouring. Oils are volatile and can dissipate with heat so best added as a post-preparation seasoning or cold-formulated. Use at around 0.5% (5g/kg) addition.

    • Fruit Spice is a really unique seasoning for enhancing fruit flavors of soft or stone fruits such as berries, apricots, peaches or tropical fruits like mango. You can also use it to make ordinary fruit jams and jellies more fruity. COLOR – visually mixed green herb fines and pieces including micro-crystals of natural flavor and with flecks of dark purple fruity spices.

    • Lemon myrtle sprinkle could be considered even more lemony than lemon myrtle because of its unique formulation. It is a blend of the best quality lemon myrtle leaf; wild, rainforest lime pulp and lemon aspen pulp (specially dried in the dark and milled at sub-zero temperatures) which provide a hint of acid; and the aromatics of lemon myrtle are further enhanced by using encapsulated lemon myrtle essential oil. Finally, there’s some anise myrtle which is a good source of trans-anethole.

    • This is the ultimate marinating mix to transform fetta, boconccini, labni and other cheeses which improve in oil from pedestrian to sensational. It can be used over any soft ripened cheese too and Charles Sturt University uses our mix in their excellent cheeses (available through Australian supermarkets).

    • Rainforest Mist is powered with pure essential oils from rainforest superfoods renown for their active principles. We use ice crystal water  from wild fruits and which has  2 extra electrons on the oxygen in the water molecule. This is a highly hydrating carrier and we recommend one or two facial sprays while inhaling deeply to breathe in the aromatics.  Just like smelling the aromatic characters of your favourite dish, coffee or walking past a bakery. Aromatics have the power to awaken our senses and we have captured the best wild food fragrances and functionals for our Rainforest Mist.

    • We Aussies love chilli so this herb and spice mix has a bit to add those special tingles for your tongue. It’s not too hot but formulated to give that Wow! factor and the flavor blends well with the lemon myrtle, lemon aspen and pepperberry as the native Australian mix.

    • OK. So it’s not really dust but our Red Desert Dust is a seasoning with a gutsy, aromatic mix of conventional and native Australian ingredients and ideal as a finishing flavor over meats, potatoes, eggs or cheeses such as baked ricotta. Try a simple grilled cheese on toast sprinkled with Red Desert Dust and taste the added dimensions of flavors from the native Australian ingredients.

    • Trehalose is a good sugar and a functional food which passes through the stomach until it reaches the gut where trehalase, the enzyme needed to break the glucose molecules apart is found.

    • This is our all-purpose spice mix which includes a bit of zing from mountain pepper combined with a herb finish from the blend of lemon aspen, lemon myrtle and aniseed myrtle. It also includes a few conventional herbs and spices to round out the flavour and make it a highly versatile seasoning. For a few ideas of use and more information on the mix visit our page on Wildfire spice. Wildfire Spice is gently spicy but is a complex flavoring and ideal for barbequing, grilling and baking.

    • Flavour similar to a combination of tarragon, thyme and rosemary Colour and Appearance a fine, free-flowing, light green powder Typical uses soups, stuffing, herb bread, quiches, omelettes and vegetable seasonings Helpful hints Suggested use rate is around 0.5% (5g/1kg) as for traditional thyme.