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  • Native Australian foods? You must be crazy
    A lot of people ask how I’ve stuck at developing Australian wild foods for over 3 decades from when I was introduced to these unique resources of the World’s longest living culture. I recognised that we could not afford to lose this knowledge post-invasion and I knew there was an industry in commercialising these amazing […]
  • Wild Foods – my newest book is out!
    Woo-whoo! My new book is out and available in our on-line store. The sub-title to Wild Foods – Looking back 60,000 years for clues to our future survival tells you a little of the range of topics covered by my writings and that of contributors Ian Chivers and Izabela Konczak. The overall theme is disruptive nutrition and we tackle the disease-care industry […]
  • LIFE – Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials™
    LIFE: Intelligent Nutrition, Anti-ageing and the Fountain of YouthLook Out World – We are about to re-invent nutritional support but we need your financial support to do so. LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials™) is a new product that will start as a powdered version of Kakadu Complex® but with enhancements that will put this already impressive […]
  • Australian Native Extracts for Cosmetics
    Australian Functional Ingredients is a specialist in supplying Australian native extracts for a wide range of applications. Food uses include nutritional mixes for concentrates, puree blends and flavourings for beverages which use the super-food status of Australian wild foods. And then there are the myriad of cosmetic products and which uses our expertise on traditional […]
  • Environmental disaster in the Kimberley
    The more I researched the fact of the Australian Government planning to lease land to the Chinese to grow sugar cane in the Kimberly, the more incensed I got. 33,000 ha of the pristine Kimberly coast will be obliterated to grow a single species and far more valuable wild plants, let alone whole ecosystems will be […]
  • Sugar in the Kimberley – sweet and sour Chinese anyone?
    With what I have written about sugar recently, you may understand why this report makes me scratch my head in disbelief: ‘Shanghai Zhongfu Group plans to invest up to A$700m (US$728m) in the next six years in developing land in the far north (of Western Australia) and building a sugar mill that will produce about 4m […]
  • Cartoon ad from 2004
    And if you feel ready to shop, head on over to our online store. Use the promo code 2004Ad for a 10% discount on any retail purchases until the end of October 2014.
  • Does the food business stack up – An article in today’s Age
    It’s well worth reading as it affects us and our families personally. Click on the image to go to the article.It is deeper and more critical than just the issues that the article presents. There is another consequence to our fruits and vegetables being bred for the distribution chains. Our food is drifting away from […]
  • I am fast losing faith in our collective intelligence
    Here is a video on the insanity of the mining industry. I do have to admit that I look at the farmland we now need to protect and I see hundreds of eco-systems which once sustained a diverse biology of wild foods and medicines – plants and animals along with traditional Aboriginal care-takers – in a […]
  • An Aboriginal Perspective to the Australian Government Election
    One very significant policy that Prime Minister, Julia Gillard has raised is a sustainable Australia. Could we consider that the myth of perpetual economic and population growth becomes a primitive concept (maintained in the ‘dreaming’ of wannabe Tony Abbott). We might think about how we define “advanced” and “primitive” when one considers that our modern cultures are […]
  • Tribute to Sibylla Hess-Buschmann
    The world lost a great woman on Friday, 28th May 2010, when Sibylla Hess-Buschmann passed away after losing her battle with cancer. She leaves behind two sons, Boyd and Shawn her long time life partner, husband Guenther Buschmann as well as her brother Arno Hess and family and a great many friends and colleagues. It has […]
  • Australian food for a competitive marketing edge
    Politicians are talking down the economy and taking us into a recession whether it’s inevitable or not. It’s a case of the personal development cliche that if you think you can or you think you can’t; you’re right. Restaurants are suffering more than most since they rely on business lunches, social dinners and discretionary income spends […]
  • Marketing, marketing, marketing… a white paper on marketing
    “The Fact Is That Marketing Is The Single, Most Overlooked and Under-utilized Asset in 99% of All Businesses” … so says Scott D. Hallman. Founder of America’s 59th Fastest Growing Private Company, Business Growth Dynamics, Inc. This white paper will show you how to create easy to use systems to: 1. increase the impact of what you […]
  • Grow bush tucker and they will buy – not.
    The following is reproduced from the ABC News website: Gardens program aims to increase bush tucker demand It is hoped a new training program will increase international demand for Aboriginal bush tucker. The Western Australian Government hopes its Community Gardens Program will increase the export quantities of both traditional produce like the bush plum known as gubinge, as well […]
  • You know that you’re winning when it no longer matters
    It may have been a 25 year struggle, through industry ups and downs, culinary trend cycles and business challenges but the use of a growing number of Australian ingredients on international menus with scarcely a mention in restaurant reviews, apart from their suitability with the wine or complement to the dish, proves that our efforts […]