The more I researched the fact of the Australian Government planning to lease land to the Chinese to grow sugar cane in the Kimberly, the more incensed I got.

33,000 ha of the pristine Kimberly coast will be obliterated to grow a single species and far more valuable wild plants, let alone whole ecosystems will be wiped out to produce a polluting, unnecessary crop.

I have started a petition at and I really hope that you join me in stopping this insane development.

You may never have been to the Kimberley or you may know it and love the pristine environments there. Either way, how stupid is it to wipe out 31,000 ha just to plant a single, low value crop?

Australians should tell the Western Australian and Federal Governments that Australia isn’t for sale or rent to foreign companies or anyone else when its biodiversity is threatened. Haven’t we learned enough from the Queensland sugar industry? Rainforest lost forever. Poisoned land that of little use because of the pesticide build up in the soils. Carbon pollution every year as the cane is burned off. Have a look at this site on Brazil’s sugar industry.

Please sign the petition now.

Think of the impact of the added consumption of sugar if it is used in the food industry. There is a real cost of deteriorating health which is a hidden cost of this project.

Or if the sugar is to go to ethanol production, then isn’t this the wrong way forward? Alternate fuels need to use waste and by-product, not wipe out virgin bush to grow a monoculture crop. This is absolute insanity.

If there’s one issue you will support this week or this year, this is worth the minimal effort.

I will deliver the finished petition to the relevant bodies and organizations but time is of the essence.

  • Not only are they looking to destroy the coastline but some think tanks here in Aus are aiming for a 23 million megacity in the Lake Argyle Region. Why do we need to go down this path ? Who really benefits from this ?

    • I’m with you. We are destroying natural environments at break-neck speed replacing them with cities in which no one wants to live, nor which produce food, preserve resources or have any history worth saving over time. I guess it is the politicians and the exploiter/developers who benefit at our expense.

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