“The Fact Is That Marketing Is The Single, Most Overlooked and Under-utilized Asset in 99% of All Businesses” … so says Scott D. Hallman. Founder of America’s 59th Fastest Growing Private Company, Business Growth Dynamics, Inc.

This white paper will show you how to create easy to use systems to:

1. increase the impact of what you offer
2. create new profit centres from new income
3. engineer strategic alliances
4. reduce your marketing/sales cost and maximise every marketing tactic you use
5. make your business the “only game in town”
6. turn your referral strategies into a viral marketing system
7. increase your average return per client
8. retain current customers
9. and develop powerful ways to generate incremental profits from your current and future customer base

All With Little Time, Money, Effort or Risk!

I wrote it for my food service (restaurant) clients some time ago for I course I ran for restaurant owners but it is still as relevant today for any business on-line or off.

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