One very significant policy that Prime Minister, Julia Gillard has raised is a sustainable Australia.

Could we consider that the myth of perpetual economic and population growth becomes a primitive concept (maintained in the ‘dreaming’ of wannabe Tony Abbott).

We might think about how we define “advanced” and “primitive” when one considers that our modern cultures are only several hundreds to a few thousands of years old at most. By comparison, Aboriginal culture was 60,000 years old when Europeans stumbled upon it.

Some of the important issues facing our world today and in the future, such as maintaining social cohesion, avoiding major wars, dealing with overpopulation, preventing the degradation and destruction of our environment and the use of non-renewable resources, had been overcome by Aborigines and their ancient culture as they filled every part of the Australian continent.

In these areas, perhaps we should regard Western culture as “developing” and Aboriginal culture as “advanced”. As such, perhaps The Hon. Julia Gillard could take the first step and abolish John Howard’s draconian policy labeled as the Intervention, a policy of marginalization and harassment and little more than a Land grab.

This would make a place for herself in history by following on from the hollow ‘Oops. Sorry about that’ from Rudd.

We need to learn from the Aboriginal Elders we are now trying to cheat out of their traditional Lands. We need to respect their knowledge and strategies of survival in this harsh country as their experience is still and probably more relevant today than ever.

One company, Kakadu International (let me declare my pecuniary interest in this organization) is working to introduce communities to its nutritional beverage which is based on wild foods. It sees the improvement in health and positive mental attitude paired with the opportunity to earn income even in remote communities, may be part of the solution to Aboriginal independence. KI needs a growing supply of ingredients as it expands globally and many can come from Aboriginal involvement. See our product information for more details.

Aborigines still occupy our prisons in disproportionate numbers. Aborigines still lack opportunities in remote regions because we insist they stay in communities where they can be ‘administered’ and hence unemployment is high and social problems are rife. We know that for every Aborigine in the Northern Territory there are 5 whites depending on that person to stay on welfare. This way the non-Aboriginal Australians maintain their jobs in health, dentistry, social services, community support, public works, policing and more. Remember that Public Servant who maintains the signage program across the Territory declaring No Pedophilia (and the irony that the only person charged in the NT recently for this crime was a white policemen in Darwin).?

Howard’s Intervention policy continues to rob Aborigines of their rights as Australians and their basic rights as human beings.

It’s time we tapped into Australia’s human resources for the benefit of both white and black Australians.

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