It’s well worth reading as it affects us and our families personally. Click on the image to go to the article.

It is deeper and more critical than just the issues that the article presents. There is another consequence to our fruits and vegetables being bred for the distribution chains. Our food is drifting away from providing our ideal nutrition and just becoming a commodity. This introduces a cost to the public purse as Government health budgets blow out with the rise in diseases of nutrition (DON).

The incidence of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and the dozens of other DON conditions (diseases of nutrition) is now as widely reported as the power of the supermarkets. And they are closely linked.

Consider the mangoes that we all love to eat. Remember when they were full of fibre and you had to chew the not so sweet juice and flesh off a hairy seed? The fibre is gone. But the mangoes are bigger now than they used to be. The water content is up and so is the sweetness. There is up to 3% more sugar in a mango than in the equal weight of Coke (or that other brand). And that sugar is primarily fructose, a sugar which is responsible for the insulin resistance of our cells, for maintaining a high blood sugar level AND leading to metabolic syndrome.

Mangoes are a mirror for much of our produce. Who really cares if it’s fresh when it’s rubbish food? Nutritionally dilute. High in water and sugar, low in fibre. Antioxidants and other important nutrients are rapidly disappearing too exacerbating the nutritional problems. We now eat sweet corn, sweet peas, sugar snap peas, sweet potato (remember when these had a milky latex and were slow release or low GI carbs? – Not anymore.) Then we see fruit juices where natural means sucrose can be added to boost the sweetness up to the levels found in the sweetest ‘natural’ fruit.

We are being conned. Our health is flagging and we complain about some farm companies making $200million for their family shareholders while we get taxed more to cover the negative health impact of these non-foods.


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